The three boys night designed to grab the young couple grab the money to play online games noreply

The three boys night designed to grab the young couple grab the money to play online games in July 18th midnight, on the west coast of Haikou Xixiu Beach Beach, a young couple suddenly encountered 2 unidentified men robbed. Haikou City Public Security Bureau Xiuying after receiving the alarm, after careful investigation, will have a robbery gang of 3 members all arrested. After breaking 6 cases with ferreting out clues, knife robbery cases, seized mobile phone 7, 1 necklaces, 1 electric vehicles, and earnestly safeguard the social stability of the Xiuying area. Reporter Chang Kevin Figure 1 a couple of small night beach was empty the early morning of July 18th, Haikou Xixiu Beach a quiet seaside. Working in Haikou, the girl Xiao Hong (a pseudonym) and her boyfriend Xiao Ming (a pseudonym) on the beach at the end of the evening, two people walk slowly along the beach, and finally sat in a relatively secluded beach to watch the sea. "My girlfriend felt someone next to me and suddenly screamed, her bag was taken by a man in his hand." Xiaoming police said, when he and his girlfriend stood up with the robber on. "A man came up with his hand on my neck and pointed at me with a dagger, forcing me to hand over the money." Xiao Ming said, in the face of this situation, in order to avoid his girlfriend and hurt him and his girlfriend was forced to hand over the phone and money. Two men robbed in the money ready to leave, saw the necklace on the neck of Xiao Ming, one of the men stepped forward to drag the necklace, but also riding a small car parked on the side of the electric car. "It was so dark that I couldn’t see their faces, only two men." Xiao Ming alarm. 23 criminal suspects have been arrested after receiving the alarm, Haikou City Public Security Bureau Xiuying attaches great importance to the dispatched elite police participated in the investigation of cases. After the police analysis, found that many young couples were robbed of the case nearly three months Xiuying District, methods of crime suspects the victim described similar, relatively similar characteristics. After careful investigation by the police, and ultimately through technical means to determine the identity of one of the suspects qin. In September 3rd 12 pm, the police in an Internet cafe in Xiuying District Xiangrong road Qinmou captured. Tushen, Qinmou confessed the robbery facts together with others, and settled in the Moutao Ning. In September 3rd 22 PM, police in a car wash shop Xiuying District Yong Wan Road will be captured Moutao ning. According to the police Moutao Ning’s account, in September 6th 12 pm in a water Regent Garden District Xiuying District third suspects liaomou arrested. So far, 3 members of the gang were all arrested. After the trial, Qinmou, Nanjing Moutao, liaomou not only confessed they repeatedly in Haikou Xixiu Beach Holiday Beach, a knife robbed young lovers had also confessed to the facts of the crime, robbery cases of students in the campus and surrounding area. Nanjing Moutao Qinmou liaomou 3 money to play online games 3 man Gang robbery according to police, the robbery gang has two characteristics, one is the object of robbery is full of young lovers, two is the time of crime for the night of midnight to 3 a.m.. Two people ride electric vehicles with cross crime, first observed the implementation of theft in the dark, if the theft was discovered on a knife to intimidate robbery. The gang 3.相关的主题文章:

Buddhism after know what is wrong. havd707

To know what is wrong after I have been in danger of cliff Vin Gamarupoche with a smell of conduct Buddhist practice, must from in your body, language and mind start. We usually in the mortal world, no matter how contrast and, when faced with the secular daily necessaries, want to keep out of devotion, centrifugal, bodhicitta is very difficult. Even I have often reflect on themselves, and not to a teacher’s standard, you grew up in a world environment to grow up, primary afflictions of envy to you as arrogant homely food is already very accustomed to, and don’t even think it is what is not good, in such a case really, want to reflect on his heart, very not easy. Every time we read the "thirty-five Buddhas repentance ceremony", to speak of sin does not cover, do not hide, do not hide, do not hide, will have to do is to do, past, now, future will do all those sins repent, must have the courage to expose their own shortcomings and faults. The problem is that most of the time, we don’t know we made a mistake. Many lay people have such a feeling: Buddhism, to know what is wrong, I have been in the dangerous cliff. Such as killing, if not the monk who is our discovery, give us a lecture that we do not know the killing is not good, do not know who is equal, is not free to kill. A lot of people grew up in coastal areas by the lake, eating fish, eating shrimp, eating wild animals, for them to think that should be reasonable, and even feel that these animals are born to eat. Artificial breeding, technical training, not to eat it? Therefore, when not rich people, they will think: why only eat Zanba? Kaoshanchishan by water draft, why not eat around the wild animal? Why don’t you eat the fish in the river? These are delicious ah? Because of the desire of the mouth, want other animals precious life, is a lot of people "should be" logical thinking. We Tibetans by Dharma, when just learning to talk, parents is the Buddha mantra: Manjusri Bodhisattva mantra to enhance children’s wisdom, the curse of Avalokiteshvara to cultivate children’s compassion and so on. Family members often tell us: all beings are equal, this is from the lofty thought there was the Great Buddha, whether it is an ant, a fish, even a small mosquito, and all human beings have equal life, hope to get happiness, do not want to suffer. This thought, 2500 years do not know how much to save life, avoid much strife and slaughter, we grew up in the thought of Buddhism, so did not dare to kill. I remember when I was young, the elders will tell us: when eating rice, do not put rice scattered on the ground, so buffalo will cry. In fact, this is the elder a skillful, tell us, from childhood to the heart of Thanksgiving in the face of nature, in the face of all all beings. Before a large part of the population is Tibetan nomadic, if you want to get rid of cattle or sheep, only to food and clothing, in order to survive, devout Buddhist people not to hoard wealth or to meet the mouth to kill. So, we can do Buddhist, eat.相关的主题文章:

Guangxi people can pick up new car online arrangement 20

Guangxi people can pick up new car online arrangement of 20 reports: Guangxi owners can choose not to pull the wind does not stop plate in southern Nanning morning news online (reporter Wang Yanqun correspondent Jiang Yinglin) November 11th, reporters from the Autonomous Region Public Security Bureau Traffic Police detachment was informed that in November 15th, Guangxi Internet traffic safety integrated service management platform launch vehicle the online business license qualification. The owner and the related enterprises, user registration signed in the DMV business hall or service site, registered interview is successful, you can use the Internet traffic safety integrated service management platform for 23 chariotest primary motor vehicle license plate, the expiration of the replacement and submit a medical certificate, business function. May this year, the Regional Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Corps launched the Guangxi Internet traffic safety integrated service management platform and on-line operation. So far, there are about 1 million 330 thousand registered users, registered users of the unit 2802, the amount of business amounted to more than 100 thousand pen. As for the masses to provide more convenient service, based on the successful opening of running online in November 8th pre selection of the number plate in Qinzhou City, November 15th, in Nanning, Liuzhou, Guilin and other 13 cities officially opened online pre plate function. Each city once in the Internet traffic safety integrated service management platform on the vehicle number less than 50 thousand, for the masses to self chosen and random selection. According to reports, the online pre plate function, currently only applicable to small non operating motor vehicle car registration. The owner completed individual Internet users after registration in 8:00~23:00 during the work day, login comprehensive service traffic safety management platform (), the selection of motor vehicle service module in "pre license plate" project, and follow the prompts to pre plate. Among them, the same vehicle license plate primary user can handle a vehicle at a time, you can use different combinations of layout 20 times, more than 20 times, the system will automatically stop operation. One of the longest operation time is 30 minutes, the user to determine the number on the Internet, within the next 3 working days to the relevant vehicle management for the registration business. In addition, the purchase of imported motor vehicle owners, the traffic police department said that due to the import of motor vehicle at the time of registration, need to compare import auto verification system of national unity, such as the model parameters do not meet national standards, the traffic police department will be in the process of back office business. Therefore, suggestions to owners of the first vehicle and service stations for vehicles after re inspection business license plate, to avoid the back office business, pre plate exceeds the time limit shall not be retained. The traffic police department to remind the owners need to prepare the motor vehicle certificate, Car Buying invoice, registered users fill in this before the mobile phone number, ID, for not to live in the household staff also need to be prepared for a residence permit (or proof of residence). The user in the pre plate process, need to enter the vehicle identification code (also called frame number), Car Buying invoice information, upload photos, contact information Car Buying invoice entry, while receiving mobile phone and SMS verification code sent to the entry platform.相关的主题文章:

Network anchor pseudo charity money after traced back to children face mud – public channel whereisip

Network anchor pseudo Charity: the money was traced back to the child, wipe the face of mud – public channel Chengdu daily November 6th reported recently, a video circulated on the Internet, a breakdown of the greater Liangshan area a pseudo charity volunteer group "penetrator". In the video, two men in the fast broadcast platform broadcast live on charity, arrange a Liangshan village stood in two rows, then send money to the villagers live, and live after, these people from the villagers get the money back. After the event, the money man admitted that the first money to shoot the video, and then take back after the film, really is their own, the purpose is to increase the number of fans and watch the amount, so that fans and more gift brush". Ironically, this man is the first in the fast broadcast secret pseudo charity "flag bearer", however, was his secret object in the counterattack, resorted to the killer, released a secretly recorded video. In fact, the first money and then return to the pseudo charity is not the same. After the webcast rise more than under the name of charity to Liangshan "volunteers", actually engaged in charity enrichment activities. "This is the" general rule – Charity ring ", live on charity hot search list, fans rose faster, with the fans, has everything." In the pseudo charity storm anchor "fast Jie brother said. [] to send money to live video exposure after shooting back again: after the parties acknowledge that money back up only for powder "pseudo charity" anchor "fast Jie brother" will be issued to the villagers money back after the broadcast, anchor "fast Jie brother said to send money to the villagers spread in the network video, become a strong evidence of a part of" volunteers "pseudo charity. In the video, a man in a black shirt left the screen and said, "I’ll give you something."……" Behind him, another man from a group of young and old hands back a stack of hundred dollar bills. Then handed to the black man, the man in black, while buried a few money, while greeting, take things kazakhstan." Put the money in the bag, and then shouted, continue to shoot, lined up, lined up, we continue to shoot!" A group of children around the car trunk to get something. This period corresponds with the spread of Internet video, is another video, the same place, the same group of people, the black man standing on the side of the elderly and children, hand waving a stack of RMB, "you are black powder, iron powder, I must do what my brother Jie said, should be the answer 30 thousand dollars all out…… To the village’s 15 poorest families, $2000 per person." The black man in the finish lines, the money will be one by one handed the hands behind the villagers. The money on the same day, the black man rented a pedestrian local passenger transport company from Changan car license plate information can be seen, this is a Liangshan Zhaojue County car, reporter then contacted the owner, he said he was just the county passenger transportation center driver, car rental, car rental time before some people go to the village that is not the money, he was not sure. Through the investigation, the reporter learned that the video money man is a deft anchor live in".相关的主题文章:

2 to 1 victory over Hangzhou Greentown in Hong Kong is not yet out of the trouble of lost Conca mmc.exe

2 to 1 victory over Hangzhou Greentown in Hong Kong is not yet out of trouble in the face of lost Conca is the relegation circle struggling Hangzhou Greentown, the Hong Kong team in Shanghai last night, finally got a badly needed victory. With this 2 to 1, Erickson’s team in the league standings with 42 points tied shenhua. Unable to win three games in a row, and in the week of the AFC Champions League 0 5 defeat in the north after the modern, it is self-evident importance of this victory. "We haven’t won the game for a while, so it’s very important for the team to win, and to be honest, it’s good to be able to taste it again. Get the three points, we are still in the competition AFC Champions League qualification in the ranks, not out of!" After the end of the game, always bear the weight of the Erickson finally revealing a long lost smile, but I believe the Swedish heart is very clear, this is a victory, the team present problems still have not been fundamentally changed. Where is the problem of Hong Kong? First on the offensive end. Although the Hulk returned to allow the team to a super fire, but Erickson didn’t seem to fully make good use of this advantage, or that he did not complete the transformation of the original team offense. The previous game against Beijing Guoan, Hulk conquered the audience, with a superb volley and scored a penalty but to be honest, the game on the Hong Kong team did not show the overall offensive ability. Away defeat Jeonbuk, was a flash point in the Hulk is single handedly led the offensive team. In the face of this return to the average strength of the Hangzhou green city, the entire first half and almost became Hulk’s personal performance time, because he is in front of the ball too much time, Hong Kong on the other two players El Kessen and Wu Lei has almost become a "invisible man", the team has always been proud of "the transmission also disappeared. This debut until Evra began to change, because of the Ivory Coast striker opened the situation on the wing, the Hong Kong team only two goals later. Obviously, after the season, the team playmaker Conca Hulk injury, Erickson also can not take the whole team back together. How to solve the hulk and El Eriksson, Wu Lei and Evra and other offensive player ties will become the number one problem he must face the next. Another problem caused by the absence of Conca is the midfield operation is not extremely smooth. Whether it is earlier in the League against national security or AFC Champions League away in the face of the whole North, the disadvantage of the Hong Kong team midfielder opponents are rolling. Last night in Hangzhou, the Hong Kong team is still not able to effectively use the midfield to control the scene, in the face of the opponent in the youth positive press on Hong Kong’s midfield steals, still running smoothly. No Conca, the Hong Kong team midfielder who would control what, who is going to the ball, the player who moves to get around, also need to clear as soon as possible. The victory is certainly gratifying, but the Hong Kong team schedule is extremely difficult, Hengda, Suning, Luneng, are the team have crossed the threshold. "In the next five games, we want the team to be full of energy." Erickson said, "I know that we have a very tough schedule and we have a very good team相关的主题文章:

60% consumers interested in all home custom home quickchm

60% consumers interested in the whole house custom home in recent years, custom home to an annual growth rate of more than 30% of the market performance of the traditional furniture manufacturing industry has broken the pattern, and swept the entire home market. After the market test, the degree of consumer acceptance of custom furniture? What are the new requirements for customized products? What are the pain points in the custom field? Recently, the Beijing Morning Post custom furniture consumer satisfaction survey will be opened one by one these questions. ?? Custom business growth?? on the decoration industry, people often say "three of seven separate distribution", but in recent years, consumers of housing design, more and more attention to collocation. The survey results show that, for customized products, 62.9% of consumers tend to the whole house Home Furnishing customization, not limited to the whole house furniture customization, including sofa, bed and other soft outfit customization; 25.3% of consumers choose full house custom furniture, 11.8% of consumers choose single product customization. A single product customization, consumers think it is necessary to be customized to the former five types of shoe wardrobe, cabinets, bookcases, lockers. Which accounted for 32.5% of the cabinet topped the list, wardrobe accounted for more than 26.7%. So, how much benefit to the enterprise? Beijing morning news reporter interviewed a number of customized enterprises or the introduction of custom furniture business executives. Strong furniture chairman Zhang Fucai said that since 2012 the full implementation of the full strength of private custom furniture, custom business has maintained a 10% to 15% year growth rate. Luxuries delivery of the relevant responsible person said, LuxeHome on delivery, business is basically the whole house custom, business accounted for 100%. Deputy general manager of Optima Beijing company Yao Gang said, the whole house custom ductility is relatively strong, Optima opened a number of high-end full house custom shop in Beijing this year, passenger traffic increased significantly, as in the first half of this year, the whole house custom business accounted for 48%-50%. As people’s health and directly related to the home products, environmental protection has been well received, and as a primary consideration, the custom of furniture is also the case. From the survey results, in the choice of custom furniture, material to 54% of the proportion of the first to become concerned about the price factor has weakened, with its 9.6% row in the fifth place. However, the increase in consumer concern for the sale of services, and its 24.5%, living in the second. Brand awareness in 11.1% place in the third. Style to 10.3% of the proportion of living in the top fourth. And in the use of custom furniture, formaldehyde content of attention in the first place, more than 70% of consumers are very concerned about this. There are 12.3% of consumers concerned about the ability to resist deformation, there are 8.7% of consumers are concerned about the moisture resistance of custom furniture. On the current custom furniture market, the commonly used materials for the particle board, solid wood, MDF, plywood. From the survey results, 51% of consumers will be favored in the selection of solid wood particle board, 30.6% of consumers choose solid wood plate, the consumer’s choice of multilayer plywood, as well as 7.8% of consumers choose the density board. ?? For the advantages and disadvantages of these materials, the Beijing morning news reporter interviewed 100, strength, Luxuries delivery service, Optima.相关的主题文章:

Man is seeking to stimulate the 3 towards the ancient city walls poured oil jailed for 3 and a half 霍金hawking

Man is seeking to stimulate the 3 towards the ancient city walls poured oil jailed for 3 and a half years once succeeded, Liu felt very satisfied, and will target the tower. In March 4th, Liu from an electric car dealers spend 5 yuan to buy 500 ml of waste oil, ride to the tower, will waste oil spilled in the ancient buildings. The morning of March 22nd 11, Liu in the gas station for 1 pounds of waste oil, once again came to the tower and spilled oil, while people are not prepared to flee. The water gate wall, the clock tower has been poured oil, causing the public security organs and cultural relics protection departments attach great importance to. Liu on the last day of the crime in the afternoon, the police arrested him. Kecheng District People’s Procuratorate staff, according to the relevant provisions of the law, knowing is the precious cultural relics protection or the national key cultural relics protection units to be deliberately damaged, will constitute the crime of deliberately damaging relics. If multiple damage or damage to multiple cultural relics, will be identified as serious, will be sentenced to more than three years of fixed-term imprisonment of not less than ten years. Quzhou City Kecheng District People’s court, Liu’s behavior constituted a crime of deliberately damaging relics, is to make the decision.相关的主题文章:

All star exploration apology Liu Xiang after exposure to the father of SMS rumors winavi

All star exploration apology Liu Xiang: after exposure to the father of Liu text messages for rumors micro-blog screenshot entertainment news (SAO Sao adults) in the face of Liu Xiang, entertainment Discipline Inspection Commission lowered his head. In September 19th, the "All Star" exposure Wu Sha black history in micro-blog, and Liu Xiang, Wu Sha court, November 7th, the "All Star" by micro-blog acknowledged the platform confirmed rumors untrue, and apologize to the adverse effects of Liu Xiang and his father, Wu Sha. "All Star" at micro-blog says: "I platform released on September 19th entitled" Liu Xiang’s father suspected SMS exposure, had besought son and Wu Sha break up "article, reproduced third party broke the news information release. When released, I failed to contact the platform to verify the parties, then I confirmed that the platform rumors untrue, and for the first time in my platform and its associated platform removed the article. But this article is still to Liu Xiang and his family had a negative impact, I am now platform to Mr. Liu Xiang and his father, ms.." Micro-blog issued shortly after the "All Star" will be the top micro-blog apology. In September 19, 2016, the "All Star" broadcast through the exposure of Liu Xiang girlfriend Wu Sha, the so-called "black history", and micro-blog in the drying out of several suspected Liu Xiang’s father’s mobile phone SMS screenshot, broke the news that Liu Xiang’s father is very dissatisfied with Wu Sha in November 2013, Liu Xiang broke up with kuquan. "All Star probe" live on the same day, Liu Xiang girlfriend Sally will be forwarded in a lawyer’s letter in micro-blog, directed at all star probe fabricated facts, causing adverse effects, requiring the other party to stop infringement. Liu Xiang quickly forwarded the girlfriend of micro-blog, and inform users: "earlier rumors about me I usually laugh, but this is not real news has hurt my family, I could no longer ignore the harm. At present, the matter has been handled by a lawyer, I believe that no matter how deep the rumormongers hidden will be punished by law. Micro-blog comment has been opened, something rushed me. As of press time, Zhuo Wei himself did not respond to false reports. (Tencent entertainment)相关的主题文章: