2 to 1 victory over Hangzhou Greentown in Hong Kong is not yet out of the trouble of lost Conca mmc.exe

2 to 1 victory over Hangzhou Greentown in Hong Kong is not yet out of trouble in the face of lost Conca is the relegation circle struggling Hangzhou Greentown, the Hong Kong team in Shanghai last night, finally got a badly needed victory. With this 2 to 1, Erickson’s team in the league standings with 42 points tied shenhua. Unable to win three games in a row, and in the week of the AFC Champions League 0 5 defeat in the north after the modern, it is self-evident importance of this victory. "We haven’t won the game for a while, so it’s very important for the team to win, and to be honest, it’s good to be able to taste it again. Get the three points, we are still in the competition AFC Champions League qualification in the ranks, not out of!" After the end of the game, always bear the weight of the Erickson finally revealing a long lost smile, but I believe the Swedish heart is very clear, this is a victory, the team present problems still have not been fundamentally changed. Where is the problem of Hong Kong? First on the offensive end. Although the Hulk returned to allow the team to a super fire, but Erickson didn’t seem to fully make good use of this advantage, or that he did not complete the transformation of the original team offense. The previous game against Beijing Guoan, Hulk conquered the audience, with a superb volley and scored a penalty but to be honest, the game on the Hong Kong team did not show the overall offensive ability. Away defeat Jeonbuk, was a flash point in the Hulk is single handedly led the offensive team. In the face of this return to the average strength of the Hangzhou green city, the entire first half and almost became Hulk’s personal performance time, because he is in front of the ball too much time, Hong Kong on the other two players El Kessen and Wu Lei has almost become a "invisible man", the team has always been proud of "the transmission also disappeared. This debut until Evra began to change, because of the Ivory Coast striker opened the situation on the wing, the Hong Kong team only two goals later. Obviously, after the season, the team playmaker Conca Hulk injury, Erickson also can not take the whole team back together. How to solve the hulk and El Eriksson, Wu Lei and Evra and other offensive player ties will become the number one problem he must face the next. Another problem caused by the absence of Conca is the midfield operation is not extremely smooth. Whether it is earlier in the League against national security or AFC Champions League away in the face of the whole North, the disadvantage of the Hong Kong team midfielder opponents are rolling. Last night in Hangzhou, the Hong Kong team is still not able to effectively use the midfield to control the scene, in the face of the opponent in the youth positive press on Hong Kong’s midfield steals, still running smoothly. No Conca, the Hong Kong team midfielder who would control what, who is going to the ball, the player who moves to get around, also need to clear as soon as possible. The victory is certainly gratifying, but the Hong Kong team schedule is extremely difficult, Hengda, Suning, Luneng, are the team have crossed the threshold. "In the next five games, we want the team to be full of energy." Erickson said, "I know that we have a very tough schedule and we have a very good team相关的主题文章: