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2016 cities in Guangxi in the first half of fiscal revenue baked fresh in the first half of 2016, the city of Guangxi fiscal revenue ranked fresh baked! PS: the city’s fiscal revenue is more representative of a local government’s economic strength. So the problem is, the small partners in Guangxi would like to know, the ranking of their own home ranked first? Look from the Autonomous Region Bureau of statistics released the official website of the table you want to know the answer? Rankings (PS: all data for the 2016 1-6 month cumulative total) NO.1 Nanning: 32 billion 78 million, fiscal revenue growth: 10.7% Nanning is the capital of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, the first GDP value. Guangxi is now the political, economic, cultural, transportation center, but also China ASEAN Expo held permanently. NO.2 Liuzhou: 18 billion 976 million revenue growth: 10.8%, also known as Liuzhou City, is an industrial based regional center of the city and transport hub, landscape unique historical and cultural city, the region ranked second in 2016 GDP. NO.3 Guilin: 11 billion 391 million revenue growth: 9.4%, Guilin is a world famous tourist city, Chinese the first batch of national historical and cultural city, in 2015 about 40 million tourists, tourism revenue reached about 40000000000 yuan in 2016, GDP is the third. NO.4 Qinzhou fiscal revenue: 9 billion 996 million, an increase of: 3.5% Qinzhou is the most convenient access to the southwest. Here is rich in natural resources, in accordance with the water of the sea, the development and construction has great potential advantages. Qinzhou has China western coastal bonded port only Qinzhou bonded port, is the best channel southwest material to the sea, the sixth coastal bonded port Chinese, coastal national fifth vehicle import port. China – Malaysia Qinzhou Industrial Park is Malaysia investment cooperation between the two countries is the flagship project, after the new Suzhou Industrial Park, the new Tianjin eco city, Sino foreign cooperation between the two governments to build third park, Kuantan Industrial Park and Malaysia – Chinese together to create a new model of international cooperation of the two double Park park. NO.5 Beihai fiscal revenue: 8 billion 787 million, growth: Beihai is one of the country’s 14 coastal open cities, is also one of China’s top four fisheries, one of the 13%. Beihai city has abundant marine resources, but also Chinese southwest ASEAN connecting the most convenient access to the sea. NO.6 Yulin: 8 billion 237 million revenue growth: 8.8%, Yulin is a city with two thousand years of history and culture of the ancient city, with "south of the Five Ridges jade, scenic forest" in the world. NO.7 Wuzhou fiscal revenue: 7 billion 562 million, an increase of: Wuzhou, Cangwu, said the ancient name of 5.3%, has a long history, many cultural relics, is the historical and cultural city of South of the Five Ridges. NO.8 Baise fiscal revenue: 6 billion 247 million, growth:;相关的主题文章: