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Travel-and-Leisure Istanbul is certainly one of the best-known locations in modern Turkey, but it has always been a highlight of the country. It is a huge city with an equally huge population, but dont let that put you off the opportunity to stay in some of the best Istanbul hotels on offer there. Of course you wont just be visiting the hotels, though. You will want to take in some of the citys finest attractions and sights, and there are many to choose from. We have whittled down the choice to three of the best, which you will find below. The Blue Mosque The proper name for this mosque is the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, but it is .monly known as the Blue Mosque simply because of the many blue tiles you will find if you venture inside it. It is one of the highlights of any trip to the capital – you may even be able to see it from your room in one of the best Istanbul hotels. The highest points are those of the minarets, which tower to 64 metres in height. It is nearly four hundred years old and looking none the worse for age either. Hagia Sophia This is another stunning sight to look out for on the citys distinctive skyline. It was once used as a basilica but nowadays it serves as a fascinating museum. However the exterior will wow you long before you get inside. Easily accessible from many of the best Istanbul hotels, take your time exploring the outside before you see the museum itself. The building is nearly 1500 years old, a fact that demands appreciation in itself. Just imagine the myriad prayers of those who worshipped here throughout their lives all those years ago it is quite some consideration. Topkapi Palace If you want to see the famous palace make sure you dont make the mistake of heading to the part of the city called Topkapi, since this is not where Topkapi Palace is! Confused? The palace itself is large and sprawling and it can be seen in its splendour if you take a boat trip on the Bosphorus. It has been a museum since the twenties, but before that it enjoyed four hundred years as a palace, before being used as officers ac.modation. It covers some seven and a half million square feet, which should give you some idea of just how vast its interior is. Dont just visit the museum though make sure you have time to enjoy the gardens too. There are hollowed trees in the gardens, and indeed the trees are known to be one of the highlights of a visit to the palace. So you can see, with just these three highlights you can leave the best Istanbul hotels and be sure of enjoying some sensational days out in this fascinating city. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: