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At the age of 48, she had long had 10 intracranial tumor – health Sohu to list every day we’re dealing with the most probably non brain organs, none, we eat it, drink on it, generate emotion by it, even you are reading this article, this action is done by the brain command. If our brains are sick, it can be a great threat to our lives. Recently there is a rare brain tumor patients came to our hospital as three Bo brain brain Guardian three Bo gentleman did not hesitate to help patients overcome the disease incarnation of Superman devil lady 48 years old this year, two years ago began to appear with left thumb weakness, Wang Nv has not only hypoaesthesia care…… Two months ago, Ms. Wang suddenly aggravated symptoms left forefoot almost no feeling, left lower limb weakness walking instability, right hip pain, headache and Ms. Wang at this time to think about to go to the hospital to check the inspection and makes the magnetic resonance examination of Ms. Wang jump before the surgery, as the red arrow surgical resection of meningiomas, a total of 9, the red triangle movement central gyrus precentralis. "The brain MRI showed Ms. Wang has long had a lot of cancer because of Ms. Wang and the number of giant intracranial tumors too many local doctors recommend Ms. Wang to the Capital Medical University three Bo brain hospital for surgery." After the understanding of the condition of Ms. Wang Ming, director of the organization of the medical team to discuss the patient’s condition. Due to the operation has a very high degree of difficulty and risk, a little careless, can lead to Ms. Wang appeared in the operation of bleeding, paralysis, vision loss, bowel dysfunction, etc.. Because Ms. Wang precentralgyrus both before and after tumor resection of the tumor, two times the operation, effects on the central function may be twofold, how to maximize the total resection of brain tumors and other brain tissue injury, but also an operation to remove as much tumor as possible, avoid with two or three stage operation. Is the focus of surgery. During the photo, the yellow arrow for intraoperative tumor in making a good operation plan, director Zhang Mingshan perform "the right frontal parietal and occipital craniotomy for patients with surgery, after 11 hours, the final one-time cut off nine tumors, the largest diameter of 7.5cm, minimum 1cm, only one a smaller tumor because of the location away from the impact, and no operative field on the body without treatment, the other nine tumors were totally resected. Ms. Wang did not have limb movement disorders, sensory disorders significantly improved compared with preoperative, 1 weeks after the operation can be self. Magnetic resonance imaging showed that 9 tumors were resected completely and the location of the red arrow was the location of the tumor. Patients suffering from the disease is meningioma, meningioma is a common intracranial benign tumor, slow growth, long course of disease, more common in the elderly patients. Expansion of the tumor, the patient is often headache and epilepsy as the first symptom. Depending on the location of the tumor, vision, visual field, smell, hearing impairment and limb movement disorders can also occur. Surgical treatment is the first choice for the treatment of meningiomas. Like a patient’s brain.相关的主题文章: