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sources said Friday, burn after reading Snapchat Snap application developers will be in the next weekend with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) submitted a prospectus publicly, start the IPO market attention. This means that after the usual need to continue for 9 weeks after the roadshow, Snap is likely to be traded in March this year.

technically, Snap at the end of last year has been to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission submitted a prospectus submitted confidential, but this time the company’s prospectus publicly, investors can grasp the financial data of Snap, as well as the core business.

taking into account the Snap to the public offering of shares, the company’s initial public offering time node may change.

and other technology start-ups choose securities underwriters in the same way, Snap chose Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs as a joint underwriter, and there are a large number of investment banks as a joint underwriter. Snap’s initial public offering will be the largest technology company IPO in recent years, and more interestingly, Snap’s IPO has nothing to do with Silicon Valley. Snap is headquartered in southern California, rather than California, Silicon Valley.

sources said, Snap valuation in the initial public offering will reach $25 billion. But if investors have a strong desire to participate in initial public offerings, Snap may raise the final issue price.

Wall Street is concerned about how the Snap Snapchat young user groups into a huge advertising business. In 2014, Snapchat began to introduce advertising, initially inserted in the user information flow advertising. According to the official Snapchat advertising business, they are divided into three types: the type of advertising is not longer than the vertical screen video ads 10 seconds (the main source of advertising revenue), sponsored by the advertiser location filter based on (only in the advertiser specified location, users can use these free or paid filters). And the advertisers sponsored special facial recognition technology based on face.

Snap’s success in the technology industry caused a huge response, which also allows the social networking giant Facebook constantly copying the company’s products, in order to catch up with Snap. Earlier there was news that Facebook had repeatedly wanted to acquire Snap, and opened a $3 billion acquisition price, but led to the refusal of Snap co-founder. As of now, Snap spokesman did not comment on the reports.

market research firm eMarketer expects, Snap advertising revenue last year was $367 million, far less than Google (micro-blog) $63 billion, as well as Twitter $2 billion 260 million in advertising revenue. < /;