A label can increase the worth of domestic fruit foreign goods 伦敦毒物袭击事件

A label can increase the worth of domestic fruit "foreign goods"

new year, buy some imported fruit to friends and family feel unique face. But I do not know some imported fruit is actually made in china.

recently, Mr. Zhao people found in the Admiralty wholesale market, a fruit stall on a female boss went outside with foreign fruit labels, but outside the box of fruit clearly written on the domestic origin.

reporter came to the Admiralty wholesale market. Enter the door to the left side of the fruit wholesale area, found a wholesale stalls operating apple. According to booth female boss introduction, imports than domestic goods price 1.2 yuan per catty. "It’s imported. It’s delicious." The boss pointed to a box of dark red apples. "Which imports?" Reporter asked. "Packing and labeling." Female boss answer. Then she took the same color and size of apples from the other box, and the apple was labeled with an American flag. "Everything is the same." Woman said. Reporters said they would like to see how much of this kind of apple, the woman pointed to the box below the sample, said: "these are." The reporter found that the bottom of a box outside the surface, said Gansu Tianshui red apple export base". "This is Gansu, not imported?" With the reporter’s question, the woman muttered: "this is a fruit." Reporters visited another apple booth, see which two boxes of foreign label affixed to the sample, the male boss told reporters that the label is affixed to his own, the label is purchased in the market. According to the men’s guidelines, the reporter in his stall over a dozen meters to find a special label selling stalls. There are more than ten kinds of label paste. A middle-aged man said the label paste a piece of money 6. The man said that the label is coming from other wholesale markets, posted on the fruit packaging on the grade. "If there is a" import "paper box here, 20 dollars." Man said.


reporter contacted the territorial market and quality supervision department, the relevant responsible person said that the free label genuine is illegal trafficking, label is likely to be false, they will immediately investigate.