What To Consider While Migrating To Asp Dotnet 台风玛娃即将登陆 桂林峡谷突发山洪

Computers-and-Technology The majority of the designers are migrating applications to ASP. NET for obvious reasons. All said and done, the said migration is quite a tricky affair, though ideally it should not be that tough provided certain issues are taken into account during such migration. There is no question about compatibility of ASP.NET with ASP. The issues that need to be considered during the said migration include compatibility, the changes in the Core API, structural changes, alterations in the Visual Basic Language, changes relating to COM and that in application configuration, state management, as well as modifications related to security issues, data access and so on. Besides the above-mentioned aspects, there are other considerations as well that are needed to be taken into account. Let us discuss them one by one. Use of Class Libraries whenever if possible Taking into account .NET framework evolution through ages, it can well be said that the Class Libraries are the best option for the developers, when it comes to writing codes that are independent of type of User Interface. This is mainly because of the fact that they come up with POCOs or Plain Old CLR (Common Language Runtime) Objects. Refrain from using server control level User Interface Properties The varieties of ASP.NET make development of User Interface quite easier. All a user needs to do is to drag and drop various controls, set their respective properties in order to make the UI ready, up and running. However, one of the most common or frequent mistakes that developers end up doing, is setting the UI related properties like BackColor, Font-name, Fore-color, with respect to the respective server controls. All these properties are converted into the respective control tag style attributes. Thus, what is needed instead is a recommended approach for placing all these styling information in style sheets of CSS classes, and then use of the ClassName property of the server controls, with a view to attaching a particular CSS class. Use of jQuery instead of techniques that are specific to techniques specific to Web forms Various forms of net offer different AJAX Extensions. That helps in developing a wide variety of Ajax enabled applications. However, these controls strictly pertain to various forms of net. Hence, rather than putting too much emphasis on these controls, considering use of the standard techniques of Ajax like jQuery, ajax() or XMLHttpRequest object seems to be more feasible. Make use of the Web API Though MVC (Model Viewer Controller) and Web API was introduced simultaneously, the later has now very much become the part of ASP.NET framework, and Web API can very much be used for Web Form applications as well. Avoid the specific features of Web Forms Web Forms use various features that pertain to specific web forms, though none of these features are available in the Model Viewer Controller. All these features that include the likes of Themes and Web Parts fall under this category. Various forms are to be designed for avoiding ViewState One of the major reservations that people have against Web Form is ViewState. Developers design as well as develop data entry pages in such a specific way that they can carry out multi tasking like inserting, updating, deleting on one single page. For this to take place, what is needed is enabling the ViewState option that ultimately results in bulky forms. Hence it should be seen that the tasks are separated in their respective own pages with a view to absolutely avoiding the ViewState. Creating the reusable User Interface through the User Controls Developers of forms of sites have two options when it comes to creation of reusable inter interfaces. They are Web User Controls and the Custom Server Controls. If Custom Server Controls are created, it becomes possible to provide highly rich as well as effective design time interface, though this particular control will not be readily usable in the MVC. Hence, it is ideal to wrap the reusable User Interface as Web User Control, and that will really make life of the developers much easier. To get maximum benefits of .Net, you may consider hiring services of a asp.net development company. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: