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Customer Service Telemarketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies used by organizations and businesses for promoting their services and helps in increasing the overall sales volume. Nowadays, organizations outsource their marketing requirements to offshore call centers that have expertise and experience in Telemarketing Call Center services. Such vendors should have a proper setup which is required for delivery of proper telemarketing services. Some of the key requirements for delivering telemarketing call center services are mentioned below: A Good CTI System: CTI or a computer-telephony-integration system is used to convert a computer system into a call center. Through this computer system you can manage all your incoming and outgoing communications. Further, these systems can also route the call to appropriate device or person. Today, you can easily find highly sophisticated CTI systems that can take care of every communication that comes in or goes out from your call center. You must have a proper CTI setup at your center. Predictive Dialer: Further, you also need to have predictive dialers at your contact center as they are very effective in delivering telemarketing services. However, this must depend upon the call volume that you require. As a rule, you should have a list of at-least 10,000 records that must be consumed in a period of 4 weeks through the predictive dialer. Measure your requirements and then decide upon this point. A Good Call Recording System: A good call recording system is also required for delivering proper services. This system would be used to record calls that would be checked for quality purpose by the quality analysis team. Moreover, it would also help you in maintaining a proper record of calls that are made from your center. Any future issues can be easily solved by referring to these saved calls. Quality Monitoring System: For your quality assurance team, you need to have a proper quality monitoring system that would be used by them for sales verification and validation activities. You need to have a system that can be easily integrated with your call recording system or you can also have a quality monitoring system that has an inbuilt call recording system too. The recorded call will be used by the QA team for getting customer information and for collecting data for sales purpose. These are some of the key requirements for running an effective telephonic marketing campaign. It is suggested that organizations take help of call center outsourcing companies having relevant expertise and industry experience. These service providers have all the necessary infrastructure setup and trained professional that are required for delivering such services to large enterprises. Further, it is their core business activity therefore they could provide much better results that an in-house department for the same thing. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: