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Software Time is money, especially when it comes to business purpose. The good news is that a rising number of mobile apps can help for so much information with everything. Windows Phone 7 is the new thing on the block among smartphone, considering that tech gig Microsoft made it. A fast look at WP7’s top apps shows that Microsoft has firstly marketed the OS toward consumers. Still, if you would like to use your Windows Phone 7 handset for work, you won’t be felt high and dry. Here are some of the most important apps existing to keep you wheeling and dealing. Although veterans of this site will know what some of the best are, must-have-apps are for Windows Phone. Flash Video for WP7this app allows you to play videos from streaming sites/servers such as Put Locker, Video Weed, Video BB, Videozer, etc.Not only can you stream on your mobile, but you can alsodownload the videos to your mobile phone as well. WP Central is too cool to counsel their app powerfully but I love it for the WP Central app for news, apps reviews & podcasts. It has to, if you have a windows phone. Handy Scan is your private document scanner for Windows Phone 7. It enables you to use the mobile phones camera to scan physical documents and send them through email in JPG or PDF format. Several pages can be scanned, aligned/rotated and cropped. You can add maps, directions, mobile alerts, custom notes and reminders, as well as share your program with whomever you choose. If you go through a lot of websites and need something to control your RSS feeds or just want the latest news, then you have a superb selection from these top-shelf apps. Pictures Lab is supposed to be the ultimate image effects application for Windows Phone 7. Media Control converts Windows Phone 7 into a remote control for window media player. It supports Media Player, Windows Media Center, Win DVD, Power DVD, iTunes, VLC Media Player and many more applications. Seismic for Windows Phone 7 lets you simply access and manage your social networks (Facebook, Twitter etc.) in a very precise and straightforward interface. YouTube Pro will knock your socks off with HD video, favorites, login into your account, comments, background downloading, uploading of new video and more. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: