product reviews and shopping guidelines. Most sites offer help with the design of your kitchen 杭州无人超市 公交司机等灯吃饭

Home-Improvement Ready-to-assemble kitchen cabinets, commonly known as RTA cabinets are a superior alternative to high priced kitchen cabinets. RTA cabinets feature solid wood face frames and doors, and are available in a wide range styles and finishes. These cabinets come unassembled, each in their own box. The nice thing about them, is how easily they are assembled- most of them only require a screwdriver. The assembly of these cabinets requires no nails, no glue, no power tools. This makes it an easy do it yourself project for even the novice DIYer. The best feature of the RTA cabinets is the overall cost. Since the cabinets come unassembled, directly from the factory, it can save you thousands of dollars. Some major retail stores offer RTA cabinets, but they are generally made of materials other than solid wood and are ten times more difficult to assemble and install. Since solid wood isn’t used, this lessens the life expectancy of the cabinets, thus meaning you may have saved money on your initial purchase but will inevitably have to replace your purchase much sooner than if you had bought a higher quality product in the beginning. They will typically be made of products such as particleboard or fiberboard, which will tend to sag over time. Not to mention the fact that both materials will have a higher tendency to absorb moisture, which isn’t suggested in a area of the house that has a high probably of stains or spills. While some stores are starting to sell RTA cabinets, the best deals are still found on-line. By doing a simple search for "RTA Cabinets" or "RTA Kitchen Cabinets" you will find hundreds of suppliers. You will be led to a variety of online stores, product reviews and shopping guidelines. Most sites offer help with the design of your kitchen, real-time customer service, online installation and assembly guides, and helpful hints on how to create a custom look for kitchen. What makes all of this customer support possible is that these stores only sell RTA cabinets and accessories. This means that you never have to worry about getting a customer service representative that doesn’t know exactly what they are talking about. With solid wood construction, simple assembly and installation system, unlimited customer support, and a semi-custom product at a fraction of the cost, it is no wonder that homeowners are turning to RTA cabinets to turn their kitchens into a beautiful, functional investment that will last for decades. So whatever the size or complexity of your kitchen remodeling project, take a look at RTA cabinets before making your decision. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: