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Software Do you need to protect pdf files? Most people don’t even think about that as an option. Pdfs are such a convenient file format. Most computer users can open them and print them without a second thought. They print correctly and generally don’t take up too much hard drive space. In a way they’re the perfect document to share. Of course, that often means that your pdfs are fair game for anyone to copy and disseminate on their own terms. What if your pdfs are internal documents of a sensitive nature? What if you don’t want the wrong people viewing them? What if you don’t want your pdfs to be printed? Until recently there was nothing you could do about that. Fortunately for you and your business, you now have the ability to control access to your pdfs like never before. Pdf protection software has come a long way in a short time. You now have a multitude of options when you want to protect pdf files. Document Protection Options This software will prevent anyone from copying, saving, or modifying your pdfs. It can also stop a user from using the screen print function to get a copy of information on their screen. It also hinders third party screen grab applications and determines when viewers can no longer access the pdf. This can be after a certain date, when a certain number of views have been reached, or after a certain number of prints have been made. You can even set expiration times for individual users. Branding Options You have a number of options here. You can generate custom watermarks that can be displayed when printing or even when being viewed. You can also brand the viewing window that people will see when looking at your pdf. You can lock the viewing format so your document looks exactly as you intended. Document Protection Specifics This kind of software uses high grade, government strength encryption technology. Pdf protection lasts from file generation, file dissemination, and file deletion. Even when it has left your internal systems, the security settings persist on your pdf files. Watermarks reduce piracy and increase accountability. Files can be locked to specific computers or even USB drives. Now you can feel confident about allowing access to your pdf documents. With a host of security settings, pdf security software makes it easy to maintain control over your intellectual property. Get your documents into the right hands, and keep them out of the wrong ones. Protect your pdf files the right way and you don’t need to worry. This software is perfect for internal use, if you are a small publisher, or a large one. It scales to your wants and needs. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: