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Marketing January 21, 2009 Lisa Valentine is the Director, Account Services for AlterSeekers WOMMA, the Word Of Mouth Marketing Association, is the author of the Ethics Code of Conduct, known as the WOMMA Code. The Code helps to define best practices, unacceptable practices and baseline rules for word of mouth marketing to help companies define their social media marketing strategy and web strategy. Why is this of concern to promotional marketers? Because the nature of online promotion strategy is changing: for instance, social media marketing has become the hottest channel in todays marketing mix, the same way that blogging has become de rigueur as an effective method for brands to interact with consumers. However, a murky area exists when blogs start to promote brands and products. Since blogs have traditionally been viewed as grassroots and editorial, it creates a red flag when bloggers are seen as endorsing brands and products. Questions are raised: Is it now advertorial? Is the blogger being paid for his or her endorsement? Is it honest? And has the blogger been transparent about the effort? In other words, has the blogger blatantly disclosed that he is promoting the brand or product? Companies need to be transparent when integrating blogs as part of their overall online promotion strategy. In answer to questions like these, the WOMMA Code creates an environment of trust between consumers and marketers. It seeks to prevent unfair, deceptive or misleading marketing practices from occurring in a companys web strategy. Similarly, in the social media marketing space, take the example of a Facebook fan page for a brand. Consumers who are fans on Facebook can freely post rave reviews of a product, or openly post complaints; but does it cross the line when the brand itself posts rave reviews, posing as a consumer? The WOMMA Code would clearly point out, Yes, that is a violation of ethics. Social media is a resource that is of the people. It needs to remain a safe space where consumers feel free to share, and not a venue where companies can misrepresent themselves in the pursuit of the almighty bottom-line using this web strategy. When a brand DOES post on its fan page, it must do so in the most transparent way, with full disclosure. You can read the entire WOMMA Code at Since the WOMMA Code directly affects marketers ability to virally share in todays marketplace, marketers would do well to heed both of these resources in the planning of social media marketing and blogging initiatives. AlterSeekers is a brand promotions agency in New York focusing on promotions consulting and planning, web strategy, social media marketing (including Facebook strategy), go to market strategy, internet consulting, and overall strategic planning. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: