Dr. husband and wife to open the company to provide postgraduate entrance exams involving 884 candid dnf商人吧

Dr. couple company involved in cheating on the graduate candidates 884 [Abstract] the college entrance examination (course) champion, graduated from a famous university, doctoral student…… Put a Panmou this is an enviable Kochi couple, from the beginning of 2007 but… (course) college entrance champion, graduated from a famous university, doctoral student…… Put a Panmou this is an enviable Kochi couple, from the beginning of 2007 but, in the "help test" industry profits driven, playing the guise of "integrity, excellence" for "enrollment training", to provide services for cheating in the exam. Hubei Province Public Security Bureau network security corps found clues in the work, the Public Security Bureau of Jiangling county to Jingzhou City Public Security Bureau is investigating the case. After months of investigation, investigators all over Yunnan, Hunan and other 18 provinces during the final exam in 2015, students study successfully cracked the case, gang members arrested 8 people and seized more than 60 sets of equipment of wireless cheating, identified involving 884 candidates. Uncover shady cheating candidates cheated in December 2014, a Liaoning college students from Shenyang to the Hubei Provincial Public Security Bureau report, said it before participating in the education and training institutions organized a "package" (course) postgraduate training, but failed to pass the exam, cheated 180 thousand yuan training fees". The report said, the training school to find the gunmen take the test and cheating equipment field outside of the transfer way of cheating on the graduate organization answer. Hubei Province Public Security Bureau network security corps investigation found several suspected help test criminal clues, shows the individual "training school" will be in the end of the month when the 2015 national study of the graduate entrance examination in help test criminal activities. To prevent the leak, off-site use of the police plan to start the Hubei network security corps, quickly set up to Jiangling County Public Security Bureau network security brigade captain Qin Zucai renzuchang, Wang Gaojin and other police investigation Gongzuozhuanban, security detachment in Jingzhou City Public Security Bureau network assisted investigation. Special class police investigation report the victim to help test and training institutions found that the company will not have the fixed office place, now empty, clues were broken off. Originally, the victim to report to the public security organs, had to "help the company for 180 thousand yuan test" can be deceived, responsible person of the company did not refund, also said that "the alarm is not afraid". See it really called the police, the company quickly transferred. The huge Wuhan, want to find such a small "shell company", is to look for a needle in the ocean. Time, special police had to take the most risky and challenging project, decided to play it by ear, arrested the current in the exam. In December 27, 2014, the ongoing operation of a Wuhan radio shielding room of the staff to the special police feedback, there is an abnormal radio signals are suspected of broadcast test answers. The police immediately with the radio program trace with CMC staff, found that the signal source from Wuhan Huashun Hongshan Jingwei Business Consulting Co. ltd.. This makes Wang Gaojin’s mood is rising up, the current situation means that although the deadbeat help test the company has lost contact, but a new help test company broke into the police perspective. On examination cheating tools quickly seized, special police investigation, Jingwei Company released a lot of Huashun enrollment on the internet.相关的主题文章: