China monk Yin yuan master hometown delegation visited Japan in Beijing – in Phellodendron amurense rewrite攻略�

China monk Yin yuan master hometown delegation visited Japan in Beijing – obaku Beijing Kyoto September 2, from his hometown in Fujian Fuqing, master Yin yuan delegation and Fuqing obaku Culture Association, Japan Fujian economic and Cultural Association for more than 20 people, the morning of September 1st came to the Kyoto mountain manpukuji obaku. In the welcome by the Japanese obaku. Japanese Corktree Zong also held a grand council, pray on friendly generation. In the previous August 23rd, Fuqing obaku Culture Promotion Association organized the "thousand Chongzou Yin Yuan Road campaign kicked off in Nagasaki of japan. The Kyoto mountain temple is a hail of Phellodendron amurense an important stop on this trip. Hidden yuan master is seventeenth Century China monk, the east to Japan, not only to the local spread of the classics of Buddhism, but also brought advanced culture and science and technology, has an important influence on the economic and social development during the Edo period. In the afternoon, the Sino Japanese non-governmental friendly exchanges the association have held in Kyoto obaku manpukuji mountain. The two sides reached a consensus to promote the revitalization of culture and common Zuting obaku obaku establish communication platform. The Fuqing delegation also invited Japanese cases at the right time again obaku visit Yin yuan master’s hometown Fujian Fuqing, to promote the development of the Sino Japanese friendship, the benefit of the two peoples. (end)相关的主题文章: