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311st control lines: "beautiful": the president Lin Zhihong ten votes, two votes of the ancient Amin, Lin Zhihong elected. Director: "experts" vote for ancient Amin, there is a vote who voted? Leader: it’s a good investigation. Yang Liguo "beautiful", the 1989 control lines 311st, this dialogue from "beautiful". Guo Yuntian came from Taipei in a small village, a primary school art teacher. He is a man of wide and very fast, and students mingle, bring a fresh wind to the harsh stereotypes of primary school. Amin is a famous ancient school bad boy, mischievous, family and poor teachers do not love him, but Guo found his talent for painting the sky. The school should choose their works to participate in the competition, in the fourth grade, Guo Yuntian insisted on the selection of the ancient Amin, but the president of a public leadership is to choose the mayor’s son Lin Zhihong. The leader’s opinion is very clear, Lin Zhihong painted like, ancient painting of Amin in a mess, who can not read. The headmaster to face Guo Yuntian, engage in democratic elections, the ancient Amin, only 2 votes, defeated. The results of the vote, the director, the team leader in the discussion below, there is this line. Jiang Jingguo died in 1988, Taiwan has accelerated the process of democratization, people began to vote, the election (the film also has the mayor election plot). This "investigation" behind, really makes people shiver all over though not cold. In the "beautiful", the school educators can not find the ancient genius of Amin, but to stifle the genius of ancient Amin, finally died from illness, his painting won the world grand prix. Watch "beautiful" can not help but sigh, like Taiwan and China really. "Lupin" aka lupin, or because the Taiwanese "Roadside Flower" and its name. This film is pure and fresh, has created a clean pastoral world, is also a lot of people’s childhood memory. Mobile phone news client Tencent new movie channel, global convergence, good movie information recommendation, more national Tongdui movie, Hollywood movies send non-stop around!相关的主题文章: