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Tofu skin heat lungs   recommended to eat two kinds of Channel – Shaanxi – original title: tofu skin heat lungs recommend two eat tofu skin how to eat? Tofu skin many families on the table are used for cold food, in addition there is no other way to eat? At the same time, eat tofu skin and what nutritional value and benefits? Here is a detailed description of the nutritional value of tofu skin and two kinds of eating it. That the nutritional value of traditional Chinese medicine theory of bean curd, bean curd skin sweet natured, heat lungs, cough phlegm, stomach, detoxification, antiperspirant efficacy. Bean curd skin is rich in nutrients, protein, amino acid content is high, according to modern science, as well as iron, calcium, molybdenum and other essential elements of the human body 18 kinds of trace elements. Children’s food can improve immunity, promote physical and mental development. The elderly long-term consumption can prolong life. Especially for pregnant women during the postpartum eating can quickly restore health, but also can increase the milk. Bean curd skin has the advantage of easy digestion and absorption. Is a woman, young, old, weak and edible. Next, look at how to eat tofu skin. The skin of bean curd eat two kinds of lettuce, bean curd skin material: 2 pieces of lettuce, bean curd half pieces, red pepper 1, 1 spoons of cooking oil, salt, monosodium glutamate 5g, 2G, 5g, garlic, ginger, leek root 3G, 6 practices: water lettuce, cut to fine, drain. The palm of tofu skin and cut into 6 pieces, cooked into the pot and add water to salt. Red pepper chopped standby. Heat the wok, stir fry, add lettuce, drain water. Boil the oil, 5 mature, add ginger, garlic and red pepper saute, add lettuce stir evenly with salt, MSG pot. To a good fried lettuce at the end are involved in tofu skin, with leek leaves tied dish. Braised Tofu: tofu skin leather material number, a little meat stuffing, soy sauce, cooking wine, sugar, ginger, green onion tofu skin and meat: tofu skin with soft water, spread out into four parts. Each is about the size of a man’s hand. Good meat stuffing with ginger, green onion. Take a small tofu skin, put a little good tune like spring rolls as meat stuffing, pack up. All the package, put a small amount of pan fry, golden yellow, cooked into the cooking wine. Add a small amount of water, soy sauce, sugar seasoning, medium fire cook about 4 minutes, cooked on it. Finally, sprinkle with chopped green onion or white sesame. More than two kinds of tofu skin practices are very simple, come and try it. (commissioning editor Ren Zhihui and Wang Li)相关的主题文章: