The quality of the current translation is worrying 特命战队go busters

The quality is now translated and published concerns about the last century since 80s, translation is one of the main direction of the press, I’m afraid the past has never been such a large-scale translation lasting publishing movement. Do the translation work of a translator is writing many exquisite foreign experts, some even translator. Now engaged in the history, philosophy and other social science works translators, senior experts are not many, ordinary scholars do things carelessly driven live a lot, some even still in school. The quality of the translation and publication is worrying, the rough words and the serious mistakes are common phenomena. The possible reason is that, in addition to the foreign language department, other disciplines are not too sure that translation is an important academic achievement. It is said that some foreign language departments have recently been more determined to turn to research and emphasize the publication of papers. Translation of foreign works into Chinese is not a research work, is a question worthy of reflection and investigation and analysis. The translation of classical literature masterpiece and social science works into faithfulness, expressiveness and elegance of the Chinese is the re creation of a high degree of difficulty, which is closely related with the Indo European language of the translation may be different. If we do not encourage scholars to engage in translation work, and let a rough translation popular in the market, at present this unprecedented translation effect is the movement will be greatly reduced. You may have experienced, it cannot read the translation is too much. Professor Feng Feng even wrote "Cicero’s anger", with the translator’s classic works. A good translation is a creation, even a work of art itself. Many years ago when I was a student, to learn English, read a lot of Maugham’s short stories, deeply moved by a story: a 35 year old British bank clerk to a Mediterranean island resort, obsessed with the beauty of life, and decided to quit the job. He gave up the job with full pension opportunities for 30 years, with all their property to buy a pen he had lived 25 years of pension plan leisure to 60 years on the island, and then die. I later collection of penguin 4 volumes of Maugham’s short works, want to read the story, but did not have the patience to look for a. In fact, Maugham, the background of the story is in the south of Italy in Capri, and I forget not only the title of the novel, the story became a Greek place by mistake. So when I visited Greece, I faced the same blue sky, dark blue waves and a small house painted white. A few days ago to buy Maugham’s short story collection published by Yilin press "". Originally bought this book because the translator is famous see article, did not intend to read articles, but see the land for his own translation of Mr. Gu Sun’s article wrote a detailed translation postscript, so he found the story to read, "this article is lingering in my mind for many years Devour Magic fruit people". Mr. Lu the translation of "postscript" food Lotus "or" swallowed ", is for the translation of titles to write the story. Because the title mentioned inside the "magic fruit" usually refers to the Chinese said "water lilies", from the story, Maugham is referring to the word?相关的主题文章: