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Media: who won the Hilary and Trump? Do not believe the poll – Sohu news is located in New York, Long Island Hof University in the past few years, a little fire in the. U.S. Eastern time on September 26th evening, the first presidential debate held here. The evening of October 16, 2012, when the protagonist Obama and Romney, is also here in the second debate, I also interview. As in the past 4 years, the debate has more than 2012 the fire, people use a variety of media data across the country more than one hundred million onlookers said, the world is more than 300 million. Hof held the University of Hong Kong, and therefore made a small amount of money – not to mention the other, just rushed to the scene of thousands of representatives of the media in the news center, a seat to watch the live, it is necessary to hand over the cost is not cheap enough to pay for the. Dressed in red to pinch Hilary slowly onto the field, and Trump shook hands in Western dress and leather shoes. Trump is a gentleman turned to "Secretary of state" title rivals, face out of the instant smile, then most of Trump’s expression is an orchid’s frown. This is really better than any "house of cards" in the scene. 6 short, 1.5 hours of debate, as you can see, is a full energy mutual black drama. Before the opening, CNN’s host pointed out that Hilary’s main problem is not honest, and the problem is not qualified for the Trump. Sure enough, although the two people in the debate to briefly introduce their own policy agenda, values and other ideas, but the slot point and the most obvious is the mutual black of the two. In the direction of "prosperity" and "guarantee the security of the United States" three themes, two people as long as every opportunity will secretly disparage each other. Hilary caught Trump has repeatedly hit the first lawsuit filed for bankruptcy, they alleged racial discrimination, repeatedly grabbed Obama said he was born not the United States, many of the women have profanity, tax records and other things to seize the opportune moment ". Trump Hilary in the "mail" soft rib thrusting knife. Not long ago, Hilary became the focus of attention. Trump will also bring this thing as a target. He said that Hilary "did not look like the president," because she did not have enough energy. Hilary said: "if he can go to 112 countries, talk about a peace deal, talk about a ceasefire, or testify in Congress for about 11 hours, then talk to me about it." At this time a burst of laughter. It is a strong smell of gunpowder, entertaining hedge plot! In fact, in the past, the relationship between the two is not on the table so the tip head, at least not in the past. For example, in 2015, when Trump was asked recently what President Trump thinks best, Clinton of the Democratic Party to the Republican Bush and George W. Bush; and then go forward, Trump and the Clinton family also has many close contacts. The Clinton foundation from Trump received 100 thousand to 250 thousand dollars; in 2005, when Trump held a third wedding, Clinton couple came to Florida, attended the palm beach lavish wedding in 200);相关的主题文章: