Melon handsome god! The 122 year record made in Europe crushed the last 2 matches.-驯龙高手dm456

Melon handsome god! The 122 year record made in Europe crushed the last 2 victory of the division Guardiola does have a hand sina sports news with Tiago’s wonderful volley assists Kimich broke, Bayern 1-0 victory over Hamburg, scored the most difficult win of the season. Soon after, Aguero and Stryn two to help Manchester City in the West even cut the swan on all three points. Since then, the European five league final two teams tournament victory birth line team, they are Bayern and Manchester city. Bayern takes tough win of the season so far, Bayern has made in various competitions 8 matches. Including 5 Bundesliga, 1 German Cup, 1 German Super Cups, 1 Champions league. One of the biggest victory is 6-0 SV Werder Bremen, the closest match is the 1-0 hamburg. 8 games into the 27 ball, just lost the ball, the 7 time zero opponent. At the same time, the event has been a line of Manchester City in 10 matches, including 6 League, 2 Champions League qualifying, 1 Champions League group phase, 1 League cup. The biggest victory is 5-0 away win over Steaua Bucharest, the closest match is 2-1 away victory over Manchester United, scoring a total of 30 goals to lose 6 balls, 4 games zero closure opponents. It is worth mentioning that, Manchester City and Bayern is only the five major league matches the team. After Real Madrid victory was the end of the Genoa Villarreal, also in Naples on the wall. More interestingly, the two unbeaten fleet, one is Guardiola took three years, Bayern Munich melon’s style is a well ingrained, Guardiola is just up, "the premier make snap transformation out of the technology flow of manchester. Not only that, but also in the first round of the city of Manchester City, Manchester City, Manchester City, the history of the first 122 years of unprecedented record: he played Manchester City in the history of the first round of the first round of the top league winning streak of six. While Bayern’s Bundesliga start winning streak, was created by Guardiola. With the team so strong, it is no wonder that the melon Shuai so sought after. (Zi Quan)相关的主题文章: