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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews Well ok girls, we love to get pampered by our partners all the time. But how often do we think to return the favor and pamper them with the best that we can do? Wont it be romantic to go an extra mile to choose gifts for your boyfriend and give them surprises? Keeping in mind what their likes and dislikes are, so that the gifts become cherished possessions. And why not, that is what nurtures the relationship, not the material side of it, but the thoughtfulness that goes into it while choosing just the right gift for your boyfriend. Here are a few suggestions, to help you choose that special little treasure for your boyfriend. 1. A Card One can never go wrong with a card that says it all. If you are in the beginning of your relationship, and are not too sure of his preferences, a card comes to the rescue. Choose one that expresses your feelings more or less. Add a little note of your own self and there you go. Ready to woo him with your wording skills and the emotion expressed only for him. 2. A bouquet of flowers Just to surprise him on a boring day, or add color to his special day, a blooming bouquet of flowers is never beatable. Choose from roses to carnations to lotuses. Make sure it matches with his senses and compliments the mood. Log on to .floweraura.com to have a peep into a wide range of flowers and flower combos for your boyfriend. 3. A Key Chain (better if it is his name initial alphabet) A safe bet is to present him a key chain that is not too flashy, but brings a class with it. Better so if you ask him for his vehicle or house keys and change it yourself in front of him and give it back. The love behind this gesture is self pronounced. The care that you wanted to display becomes visible. Options are available with popular gift stores with Initial Alphabet Key Chains. Go for it. 4. A Self Grooming Kit If your beau is one of those kinds who likes to be prim and proper and loves to take care of himself, present him a Mens grooming kit that shelves a shaving set, manicure equipment, face care products etc. But a readymade one or customise as per his preferences. Make him feel that you care for his way of life and love him for the same. 5. A Combo Mug and Candle Set(available at .floweraura..) For those romantic moments of yours , where candlelight illuminates your bond while you sip a hot cup with him, gift him this customised set of Aromatic Candles and Coffee mugs. Add on could be arranging a coffee date with him, where the coffee is also made by two of you only. 6. A book subscription for a year So, he is one of those reading buffs and likes to cuddle up in bed while reading his favourite literature or a sports magazine. Approve of the thought and buy him a yearly subscription where his kinds of books are delivered at his door-step. You can also make a customised set of novels form his favourite authors (provided you know him that well, if not, find out) and gift him. He would certainly fall in love with you all over again for this unusual gift. Bonus, you get to know him better. 7. A gizmo or a gadget Is he into gizmos? Yes..!! Voila, life made easy for you. Just peep in a little and check for his latest need in terms of gizmos or a gadgets. For instance if he is still carrying a worn-out or outdated mobile or a watch just because he is too lazy to change it, buy him one. Make sure you ask his preferences on brands beforehand, without making your research too evident. Be a smart talker here. If he agrees, take him along for the gizmo shopping. Make a day for him. 8. A Picture Frame (with a picture of you two or him alone) Binding moments in memories thorough visuals is a way to express love and care for him. Gift him an artistic or geometrical picture frame (depending upon his choice) with a picture of you two, or a solo one of his or yours. Write a little note at the back of the frame to make it more personalised. Like you can add the detail of when and where the picture was clicked. He would love to have this little cute memory by his bed-side or his cars dashboard. 9. A Cologne Fragrances ignite the romance. We all know that. Capitalise on the thought and bring him his fragrance in a bottle of cologne. If he is one of those men who like to keep maintain a certain appearance and move with panache, this is THE gift that will bring a smile to his face. 10. A DVD set He loves to watch movies and you often are not able to spend time together when he is watching his kind of action thrillers. Well, stop cribbing and make a customised set of few DVDs just for him, keeping his choice in mind. Let him know that you are ready to give him his me time. See the grin on his face while he plans to reciprocate with a Lil surprise of his own for you. 11. A vacation for you two Its been long that you have spent some cherish able time together for your busy work schedules are taking the romance away from life. Dump it. Plan a vacation together. Take a few days off. Make arrangements for you two and swipe him away to a dreamland of place where romance is rekindled and you both feel a breath of fresh air. Make a surprise or involve him in your plans, but make sure you pay for the arrangements, as a stress free vacation for him would be where he doesnt have to worry about paying the bills. Choices of a gift for your boyfriend are innumerable, but it is the thought behind it, that makes it the most beautiful and memorable one for him. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: