Yahoo Mail Has A Serious Bug-法拉利599gto

UnCategorized Yahoo Mail or Y-Mail, Yahoo’s web based e-mail client has a serious bug. Their e-mail confirmation system is not working! One of the most critical features of any e-mail client is the ability to add new e-mail addresses. Most serious Internet users have multiple e-mail addresses. If you want to use a single e-mail client you need to be able to setup all your addresses in one spot. Yahoo requires you to validate that the e-mail address you attempting to add is actually yours. That is a good thing. If they didn’t do this spammers and criminals alike could do serious harm. Yahoo’s method of validating a new e-mail address is to send a code to that address and ask the receiver to validate the code on another site. In the validation message there is a link that brings you strait to the validation page with the code filled out. The validation code is also displayed and you can enter it manually from where you sent the verification message if you left that page open. Regardless of the method you use you will get the same error telling you there was a problem with the code. Once this problem appears it doesn’t go away. I’ve tried dozens of different e-mail addresses from several different domains that I own and the results are the same. It does no good to resend the validation message. Starting from scratch doesn’t help either because Yahoo keeps sending the same validation code. Personally, I’m in a mess. I’ve .mitted to Yahoo Mail as my primary client. It will be very time consuming to change. Before I can change I’ll have to spend weeks evaluating online e-mail clients to make sure the one I choose has the features I need and want. Yahoo Mail was by far the best choice for me at the time I switched and obviously did not know about this serious bug. I hope you learn about this problem before making the leap like I did. One more important note. I would not be writing this negative review if it was in someway possible to contact Yahoo Support and get someone to fix this problem. I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t even know about it. This bug has existed for months. I’ve had contact with others that have experienced the problem. E-mails to support @ yahoo have resulting in nothing. Questions on Yahoo Answers have gone ignored except for some obnoxious teens. This is particularly frustrating because I pay to use Yahoo as my e-mail client, and I believe that if you pay for a service there should be a human somewhere in the process that can fix problems. Please let me know if you know of a work around to this Yahoo Bug, and please only if you truly know of the problem and how to fix it. I’ve been through all the make sure you’re logged into your account and check you caps lock and crap like that. This is a true bug and Yahoo needs to resolve it. In conclusion, if you are considering using Yahoo Mail as your primarily client, you might want to reconsider. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: