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UnCategorized Now, let us focus our discussion on how do we cultivate the will power within us? There are totally eight steps that need to be followed in order to generate the will power in human beings. They are discussed as follows: a.First we need to understand what exactly will power is in working terms. It is the positive and creative function of the mind which impels, propels and enables us to do chosen actions in a definite way, and avoid doing unchosen actions equally in a definite way. It is that power of the mind which enables us to do, what we know is right and not to do such things, which we believe to be wrong, under all types of circumstances, be it favorable or unfavorable and known or unknown. b.Secondly, it is very important for us, both to know and as well believe that will power is something which can be increased by everybody, without any exception, provided we are ready to apply ourselves to it and work for it steadily, sincerely and most importantly, methodically. Failures occur in each of our lives. But it does not necessarily mean that past failures will be reflected in present and result in same failures in future! No one is destined to be weak, except one who personally chooses to be so! A step taken ahead towards a better, nobler and higher state of existence is possible at any point of time in an individual’s life. It is never too late or too early to stand up straight in support of the right things in life and try to be a good, true, pure and strong. Because, it is always said: "Better late than Never!" c.Only when we have a firm hold on this truth, we can develop a will within us, to develop the will power. Though it may sound a bit ironic, but is seriously important to possess a firm will in order to be successful in developing our will power. Incredible, although it may appear, but it is the fact that many of us do not even has the will to develop the will power! To most of us, it seems to be a sort of botheration and too accurate a responsibility to be carried out all the time. But when, as a result of correct guidance, we .e to know that we have within us unlimited power, then we develop our mind to manifest that power in our life. d.Once this mind is developed, very soon we leap forward and take the most important decision of developing the will power within us. This step helps in removing the dichotomy between our head and heart, the intellect and emotions and the thinking and feeling. It can be done by loving the truth of our being. And by doing so, our thoughts and our emotions will unite in order to do the best expected of us by ourselves. e.Two things will oppose the creative move within us: 1. our regrets about the past and, 2. our worries about the future. Both of these are detrimental to the cultivation of will power, because they successfully undercut all forward looking, creative and positive movements within our minds. Exaggerated regrets about our past and too much worry about out future, will only damage our present, and weaken our minds and injure our future also. f.In order to live in the living present wisely, we require the guidance of a sound sense of values. We should be able to persuade ourselves that we are not just fooling around. Cultivation of one’s power of conviction, at least is very important for the development of will power. g.Our sense of values needs to be zealously guarded, for we are being constantly assailed by chaotic winds of various contrary ideas. Sense of values can be guarded by three things: 1. by constant discrimination between the real and the unreal. 2. By keeping ourselves busy and, 3. By avoiding idle curiosity about things which do not generally concern us. h.Lastly, to develop our will power, we must never take our failures very seriously. We must nit lose heart in the face of repeated failures. Because, we all know – ‘Failure is the pillar of Success.’ Failures should be accepted as a part of the game and only then we can pave our way to success. These steps when rightly followed helps in developing the will power. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: