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UnCategorized If you are dreaming of moving overseas and are tirelessly researching Property for Sale in Cyprus, housesalescyprus can make that dream a reality as we not only help people find their perfect property we also help people to Sell Property In Cyprus We can therefore find a solution to suit everyone’s needs. As you may have realised, moving abroad is a major step for any family to take and much research and decision making is needed regarding the numerous Cyprus Properties listed to find one to suit all your requirements. You must then think about actually moving! The following checklist is designed to make this task easier and help you settle into your Cyprus Property with minimal hassle and stress: Getting started 1. Find out if you and/or your family need a visa and if so, make the application as soon as possible 2. Make sure your Passport and that of your family’s are valid as the process of applying for a visa may take several months and some countries require at least six months of passport validity to issue a visa. Getting ready to go 1. Purchase your tickets and make any necessary reservations for your trip. 2. Check if you need an international driving license (this is only valid for one year and you must re-apply annually). 3. Make sure you have all the vaccines required to travel abroad. (Also check whether your pet requires vaccinations as it may be a requirement if your pet goes into quarantine.) 4. Arrange travel and health insurance abroad for you and your family. 5. Check whether contributions towards your pension are recognized in the country you are moving to. 6. Make sure that you and your family gets medical and dental examinations and bring a copy of the results. (Also bring insurance documents if in place) 7. If currently renting, provide adequate notice to your landlord. 8. Sell anything that you are not taking with you for example cars, furniture, property or alternatively arrange storage. 9. If you are planning on staying for a long period, perhaps give "powers of attorney" over your financial affairs to someone while you are away. Last things 1. Cancel all utilities in advance: electricity, gas, oil, water, telephone, mobile phone and internet. (Tele.munication services on the island are dominated by the government owned .pany Cyta and its private .petitor PrimeTel. There are also a range of smaller providers available) 2. Cancel any subscriptions you hold. 3. Close your bank accounts unless you think that you will use them. 4. Inform the tax authorities that you are leaving. 5. Provide your new address to your friends, family and business associates. 6. Redirect your mail through the Post Office. 7 .Pay all outstanding bills and loans before you leave the country. Once all the above are ac.plished, you can start to enjoy the prospect of living in your new Property in Cyprus. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: