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Sales-Management Years ago, someone in the fast food industry thought it would be a good idea to introduce two drive thru windows so that restaurants could better serve their customers. They believed they could operate more efficiently if the duties of accepting payment and delivering the food orders were separated. Unfortunately this idea was only good during peak operating hours which left one of the two windows vacant for the majority of the work day. This also left many fast food restaurants over staffed for non peak hours. After all, someone had to man the second window! Today it is not un.mon to see just one of these windows in use even during the busiest of times. The good news is these fast food restaurants who bought into the idea have added space to store racks of fresh bread for all drive thru customers to see! Banks and Credit Unions can staff their branches accordingly to peak hours, while avoiding unnecessary expenses with automated scheduling solutions. The days of over staffing are over. Unlike the dual drive thru idea which fell short in actually helping a restaurant operate more efficiently, solutions like automated scheduling allow financial institutions to make quick, smart decisions based on actionable business intelligence. Automated scheduling gives managers the ability to match employee work preferences to forecasted needs and productivity goals. Banks and credit unions that employ scheduling based on historic teller transaction volumes have an advantage over their .petition by knowing when to schedule employees and how many employees to schedule. And because automated scheduling solutions can manage individual employee work preferences (work availability, minimum and maximum work hours, etc.), specific employees can be scheduled to account for these critical times of the day. These efficiencies lead to more satisfied customers and a better work environment for your employees. Understanding peak times and scheduling staff appropriately is vital to ensuring that your bank or credit union provides the very best service for your customers. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: