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Software What is a MP4 file? MP4, short for MPEG-4 Part 14, is a multimedia container format standard specified as a part of MPEG-4.Thus, the container format is often referred to MP4. It may also be referred to as MPEG-4 AVC, which stands for Advanced Video Coding. It suggests a format for working with video files and was first introduced in 1998. The MPEG refers to Motion Pictures Expert Group who is responsible for setting the industry standards regarding digital audio and video. The advantage of MOV files is the ability to contain abstract data references for the media data. It means that they can be easily edited – no need to rewrite all media data after editing. These players can play video in a multitude of video formats without the need to preconvert them or downsize them prior to playing them. Some MP4 Players possess USB ports in order for the users to connect it to a PC. Some have memory cards to expand the memory of the player instead of storing files in the built-in memory. "I downloaded some MP4 videos from online and I want to edit them in iMovie. But it seems that iMovie can’t recognize the files. Don’t iMovie support MP4? What should I do?" Have you ever come into the problems like Anny who asked the question online? The problem is that some MP4 format (like MPEG-4 Part 14 and HD MP4) don’t work well with Apple products and software. Well, just forget all limit compatible video formats to several ones like MP4, MOV, which, to be frank, really reduce our joy. What’s worse, some MP4 video files are practically unaccepted by iPad, iPhone etc. in order to fix this, we need to convert MP4 to another compatible file format. We will share the tips on how to convert MP4 to Mov on Mac. Quick guide how to convert MP4 to MOV on Mac. Firstly, Free download and run the Video Converter for Mac Find the downloaded files in your library and run it directly. And then you can copy the app to the apps folder or desktop. Secondly, Import MP4 file to prepare the MP4 to MOV conversion Two ways are allowed by this easy-to-use video converter: 1 Follow words as below: Menu > File > Import > Add Video Files. 2 Drag and drop the videos to the converter. Thirdly, Select MOV as the output format Click the icon of "output settings" and choose the MOV format under the list of Common Format. Or you can select the output as your Apple Devices or Apple Software. If you are aiming to convert MP4 to HD MOV, you can choose HD MOV under list of HD Movie. At last, Start the MP4 to MOV conversion After 4 steps, the converter will show you the output folder automatically when the conversion accomplish. Extended tips for better MP4 to MOV conversion: 1 This is a converter designed for Mac OS X 10.5 or above (Lion included). 2 You can take screenshot when you are previewing the video with the built-in player. Try to convert MP4 to MOV now or get more info of the Video Converter for Mac: To complete the conversion on Mac, the best solution is Video Converter for Mac. You can easily convert MP4 videos to MOV without quality-loss. Not only convert MP4 files to MOV, you can also convert any video to another format or convert video to your portable devices. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: