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Traffic-Building Increasing traffic from Facebook and Twitter can be tough, however it is not impossible. While these sites have a number of different uses for a website owner the most frequently asked question we hear is how can I increase my traffic from Facebook and Twitter? In order to generate traffic from either of these sites you need to be able to give your followers a reason to .e to your site, and the best way to do this is to create good niche content and being a thought leader. Facebook Marketing can really provide real social media traffic that ultimately can create your brand awareness. And it more and more depends on Facebook fans, followers and likes. Same is the case with other social networking sites as well such as of twitter, pinterest, linkdin etc. One thing that makes blogs great is that they can be open forums of discussion, and focus on topics that are not ubiquitous. If someone is interested in learning about that days top stories it is likely they will visit a major news site, while if they are looking for product reviews or industry news users are more likely to visit blogs. If for example I want to learn more about how to customize my wordpress site I will spend a number of hours reading content that has been published on sites that create content for WordPress users. So when youre ready to generate more traffic from social media sites, first start by identifying your niche. Once you know what your niche is you can start creating content for other members of that .munity. Be.ing a thought leader on any topic will take some time, however if your content is .pelling enough you will be surprised how quickly it spreads. Being a thought leader is about critically engaging with the issues that are most important to your .munity/customers and providing new insights. When your audience can trust your content and knows they are getting good information, not only are they likely to share your articles on social media, but they are also more likely to keep .ing back to your site. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: