Features Of All-purpose Wireless Printer Canon Mx-870-beef怎么读�

Computers-and-Technology The new Canon MX-870 is a multi-function wireless printer which will do almost any small printing jobs in the home or office. Besides being a great printer and scanner, it can replace a traditional copy machine for a lot of functions. It combines efficiency and convenience in one unit full of useful, practical features. This is a really capable machine which enables you to scan or print your documents from every where around your office or house with its wireless functionality. You do not have to actually connect your printer to your computer with a cable. Plus, the networking feature lets several users to print from several machines to one printer with no wires. Another cool feature of Canon MX-870 is the automatic feeder. This in-built tool can automatically take in as many as thirty five pages. That way you can stack up to thirty five pages of document that you want to scan or copy into the feeder, and let the machine automatically feed those sheets in and make the necessary copies or scanned images. It also can scan or copy both sides of a page without having to turn each sheet over. Not only is saving time convenient, but saving time can mean saving money in a business situation. It can also cover multiple devices to save space and investment. Copying and scanning are not the only functions this Canon MX-870 can perform. It can also function as a fax machine when we connect a telephone line to the telephone jack on the machine. It can also hook up wirelessly with compatible cellular phone models, download images to the machine, and make high quality photo prints. This amazingly versatile machine will also accept memory cards so that it can perform without using a computer. That makes its input capabilities practically unlimited. It also features the Easy Scroll Wheel, which is especially helpful for quick and easy access of the different features available on this printer. It also boasts a large 2.5" LCD screen to facilitate convenient viewing, selecting and even editing pictures right on the printer. And it features the Dual Color Gamut Technology, a feature which optimizes the original document to ensure that copies can stay true to it all the time. With all these features and functions, the Canon MX-870 is an invaluable solution for a variety of graphical reproduction needs. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: