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Alternative Written by chicagohealers practitioner Dr Helen Lee, DC – Osteoporosis or decreased bone mineral/matrix which cause weakness in bone is not as simple as not having enough minerals like calcium. The body is an amazing network of electricity, energy, & nutrients which works to keep as much balance as possible as it deals with various mental/emotional, physical and nutritional stresses. There has to be many years of compensation and build up of stress before the body to gets to a point where it has to strip the bones of calcium and other minerals. Therefore when looking at the body as a whole there are many ways of increasing the bodys ability to heal and re-balance: Acupuncture: Acupuncture works with the energy of our body. When the energy of our body or meridians are balanced, the body is able to function, heal, & repair with more efficiency. Holistically, when dealing with a process such as osteoporosis our focus is to increase the whole bodys health and ability to heal. If the bones are deficient in minerals such as calcium there is also imbalance of minerals within the muscles, teeth, organs, and throughout the entire body. Food and Nutrition: What you put in the body is crucial for building the body back up. Fresh foods that contain calcium, vitamin K, D, trace minerals will offer the body nutrients that will increase overall health of muscles, ligaments & bones. Foods such as: kale, spinach, brussel sprouts, swiss chard, fish, sesame seeds/oil, & almonds. Avoid soda and other carbonated beveragesDrink more fresh water! Increased Phosphoric Acid within carbonated beverages creates an imbalance in calcium and phosphorus. It cause our body to release calcium from teeth, bones, and muscles to off set the increase in phosphorus. Phosphoric acid has also been shown to decrease the hydrochloric acid in our stomach which is crucial for optimal digestion of all our foods. mission is the education and advocacy of natural medicine and a holistic lifestyle. Please give credit to the original author when republishing all or part of any article. Also, kindly link back to .ChicagoHealers.. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: