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Alternative Many women decide to try an alternative fibroid treatment before having surgery to get rid of their fibroids. This makes .plete sense for lots of reasons. All forms of surgery .e with risks and these need to be taken into consideration before consenting to any invasive procedures. There is the risk of anesthesia, the problems which can be associated with bleeding during surgery, infections and damage to other internal organs. As fibroids are very rarely life threatening, any surgical procedures should be considered very carefully. In addition, it is also worth noting that with the exception of hysterectomy (which can .e with its own problems) the surgical and medical procedures to get rid of fibroids are rarely permanent and many women are horrified to find that their fibroids regrow as nothing has been done to eliminate the cause. If you have had the fibroids diagnosis confirmed by a doctor, as the only treatment likely to be offered by a doctor is surgical or medical intervention, an alternative fibroid treatment is worth considering. Providing you are .pletely sure that no medical problems would arise by delaying treatment, you have nothing to lose. Indeed, many thousands of women have found that an alternative fibroid treatment has worked extremely successfully for them and they are .pletely free of the symptoms of their fibroids. In addition they have found that the strategies which they have used have ensured that the fibroids have not grown back. The alternative treatment uses a .bination of methods to help shrink fibroids. These include detailed diet modifications and suggestions for supplements which can help. In addition you will be given in-depth explanations of which .mon household cleaners and toxins could be exacerbating the problems. You will also learn about which lifestyle changes can have a big effect on the size of fibroids and which can prevent them growing again. Before undertaking any form of treatment it is vital that you confirm that you do have fibroids and that they are benign. A doctor may confirm the diagnosis by an internal examination or by abdominal palpitation. He may wish to confirm the diagnosis with additional tests such as an ultrasound scan or laparoscopy. Once you are certain that surgical or medical treatment is not essential, you can go ahead and try a natural treatment. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: