Ancient town of Xitang, I just want to look at the night and morning tonya mitchell

The ancient town of Xitang, I just want to look at the night and the early morning of the ancient town of rivers and lakes, almost every one has been several times, Xitang is also the case. Jiangnan ancient town, I feel the night and morning is the most beautiful. During the day, the streets are crowded with tour groups, feeling a bit noisy, this is I would rather walk into the town on a number of small museums, look at how the ancient button is made, it is very novel. If love can stop to see the ancient architecture, ancient tile, those exquisite ornamentation today seems very shocking, of course, if interested can pass, came to the river to find a coffee shop to sit quietly for a while. Xitang is the most famous in the misty rain promenade, second to none in all Southern Town, the promenade along the river, regardless of rain or sun in the sky, this corridor for tourists can block, say that the most beautiful Jiangnan, see the river formed a layer of faint mist in the rain, it is the most beautiful scenery. Boat tour will feel a different perspective. The ship is common, Jiangnan rowed a boat, the boat can sit seven or eight people, curtains of blue calico, a life jacket is the same outside the blue calico, very Jiangnan features. In the sound of the oars slowly shaking, the boat slowly toward the shore, the shore of the most beautiful scenery in front of. The sun is about to fall, the tour group left the town, at this time a lot of clean. Find a Linhe restaurant, if the time is enough, it is better to have a bottle of local wine tasting. Rice wine is quite popular in the south of the Yangtze River, the entrance light, sweet, but full of stamina. A few kind of Jiangnan delicious fresh, white fish must taste, in some town in the South have, the price is not expensive, only steamed, meat is tender and delicious. This season crab paste fat yellow full, it is the best season for crab. People in the south of the Yangtze River to eat crab this thing is very careful, we must wait until the time of the year, this season, as the Dragon Boat Festival to eat dumplings, mid autumn festival to eat moon cake, some sense of ceremony. If this season has not eaten crabs, always feel a little less. Slowly ate dinner, the ancient town of visitors have gone almost the same, the lights are lit up, the rest of the people are mostly living in the town on the evening of tourists. This time from the ancient town to go around, look at the night scene, this is the essence of the ancient town. The lights along the river are the brightest, mostly restaurants and inns. During the day through the road, to the evening as if changed appearance, no longer familiar, in the lamplight becomes hazy, the day and night to see the same scenery, the feeling is not the same. The most noisy town where is bar street, this is a major feature of Xitang, just days, bar street began to liven up the bar, tried to attract customers. Along the promenade misty rain, river and the boat slowly approaching, the bow hanging red lanterns, from far and near, gradually heard the sound of the voice of the oar strokes, full of rhythm. Second days to get up early in the tour group has not yet reached the town before turning a circle, then the town is the most clean, and even the most popular stone skin do not have a tourist -相关的主题文章: