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Business Submitting articles to the article directories is a very effective technique for getting traffic. It has been popular since the start of Inter. marketing and even today is an successful traffic generation technique. Marketers are always wondering about the easiest strategy of submitting articles for the easiest results. Which are the most effective methods? Initially, you can submit your articles to the biggest of all article directories, EzineArticles. It has set itself up as being the top article directory on the Inter.. For this very reason, marketers and Google love it. Some marketers get annoyed due to the strict submissions guidelines and long approval times. However, if you understand their guidelines and adhere to them, your articles will get through without a problem. As soon as your article are listed in EzineArticles you instantly obtain benefits from it. Articles in this directory usually rank very well in Google, even without any backlinks pointing to them. Create a few backlinks and you will find your articles ranking well for chosen keywords. Often your articles will rank well just for being on EzineArticles. When your article has been published you can do some quick backlinking to it to give it a boost up the search engines. Firstly, submit your EzineArticle author RSS feed to the RSS directories. You can pay for a tool to do this or do it manually. Just pick the top ten directories in Google for now if you are doing it manually. You can always submit to more later on, so make sure you keep track of which ones you have added your feed to. You can notify a lot of sites about your new article using one of the many available ping services. You will give EzineArticles some benefit, but it will also benefit your article. Finally, social bookmark your article. There are many tools that will do this or you can do it by hand. A well written article could be submitted to Digg or Stumbleupon to get additional links and traffic. Of course, there are other article directories out there, but none of them have as much authority as EzineArticles. Google Knoll is doing very well with gathering favor from marketers. However, these don’t seem to be ranking as well as Ezinearticles, but it is a good approach to get the Big G to look at your web sites. You should probably only submit by hand to ther other ten or so big article directories. Many of the rest get a tiny amount of traffic it is not worthwhile, except for the backlink. So you should make sure these submissions are outsourced or automated. If you are submitting articles then you need to ensure they are on Ezinearticles for the best traffic. Do some simple backlinking to your article and you you will get traffic as your article ranks in the search engines. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: