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At the end of the new game player gambling pit miserable financial talents will dominate the film? Sohu – Sohu entertainment entertainment news (Kazakhstan maiwen) shadow into the fast lane, "guaranteed issue" became popular. For the product, released in the pre sold box office income right, which greatly reduces the risk, but also can accelerate the recovery, can not accompany the sale. On the base side, through the gambling like that, can quickly get others usually takes a few years to good project operation. If you bet on, but also flourishes. There are some guaranteed party won the bet, "the west", "drop the article", "put heart flower road", "Hong Kong never ever meet again?", "Mermaid" is a successful case. But that was one or two years ago. At the end of this year,   on success stories; "dream", "partner to youth", "2", "the fugitive Jedi legend", "summer tree", "Tomb notes" films by high base. As a result, almost all losses. Base on the failure of gambling case   base party, had a beautiful new game player such as Fujian Hengye industry. Have had on the incoming gamble film industry such as the winner, took pictures and the "Mermaid" yeh. A success rate of almost 100% of the film company, a company called Fujian Hengye film company, over the years mainly small cost horror film. Because there is no cause for widespread concern about the explosion of the product, has been a number of edges and streams. But steady, basic department can earn more or less, let the company live well. [issued "Hengye ancient house", "the next 24 hours.", "Oxford killer", "midnight taxi", "Midnight", "heartbeat", "another apartment," fatal invitation "B District No. 32", "purple house", "under the bed", "people cry Games", "night talk", "shop around", "Shou embroidered shoes", "Horror Hotel line", "Snow", "cold fierce between pupil" and twenty or thirty domestic thriller horror. This is the highest return in the B area 32, the cost is only a little over 1 million, the box office at about 14000000. Although it sucks to be scold miserably, but "B District No. 32" to earn a lot of money   "Snow" fierce between sunny have voted, the budget of 8 million, 7 million at the box office, a loss of about 4000000. This is the only time to lose. The boss Chen Hui feels no regret, because sincerely convinced, hit the file "Thailand?", the amount of discharge sheet is extruded to only 1%-2%. ] 2013-2015, sunny by several high box office movie quickly get the industry look, such as a collection of 150 million "was stolen five years", a collection of 411 million "Beijing No. 81", a collection of 205 million "bestie", a collection of 543 million "wolf". Work than in the past to a lot of excellent domestic thriller "Beijing No. 81" big box office revenue   its goal is the main theme of women, thriller films such as tear on the market few types, do the Lionsgate Chinese. The latter started with a small cost horror film, and later made a "Hunger Games", "相关的主题文章: