In February 19th 10 traders are concerned about the news

In February 19th 10 traders are concerned about stock market news center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes Sina warrants stocks 19, Bloomberg News Beijing reported that following the February 19th 10 global traders are concerned news Top 20, click on the data from the 19 ranked 10 on Peng Bo terminal traders. 1) RMB short of capital outflows beginning Goldman RMB 2) China warned to beware of impact in the future will each working day the central bank open market operations in order to strengthen the effect of interest rate 3) G-20 conference held in Shanghai on the occasion of China policy communication has become a major problem for countries in 4) Chinese shares included in the MSCI index, 5) China Holdings 500% Bond: bond rose; state interest rates downward trend is the longest in the history of cattle debt is expected to continue in January 6) Chinese personal foreign exchange deposit record depreciation of RMB 7) tide lift residents purchase of more new media news: social capital market; HSBC Qianhai Zhong An insurance brokerage joint venture; IPO 8) Hongkong real estate industry downturn real estate developers bear direct price pressure 9) China observation update: central bank open market opens a new era of interest rate marketization and top-level design Perfect 10) China currencies: RMB against the U.S. dollar steady official said the article on volatility and reasonably stable 11) basket of Bloomberg economists: avoid increasing the pressure of RMB Chinese quietly relax monetary policy Figure 12) of the city: Chinese banks in Asia expansion efforts yet to bear fruit Chinese Daily: 13) is one of McDonald’s and KFC business Chinese the first to use the Apple Pay 14 dollars) won the continuation of the rally; South Korea’s central bank said on the depreciation of the won increasingly vigilant 15) South Korea’s central bank officials: South Korea on the depreciation of the won alert 16) traders: with the Nikkei index decline to expand the macro accounts to sell the euro yen 17) dollar weak 34 points at 6.5186 yuan 18) survey: even if the negative interest rate policy is invalid and will continue until 2018 19) Chinese traders: the central bank will be 10 billion The 7 day reverse repurchase operation 20): the update of Peng’s previous briefing: open market daily operation; external accounting for continued decline; social security capital increase into the market; Zhou Xiaochuan responsible editor: Zhang Yujie SF107

2月19日10点交易员正关注要闻 美股行情中心:独家提供全美股行业板块、盘前盘后、ETF、权证实时行情   新浪美股讯 北京时间19日彭博报道,以下为2月19日10点全球交易员正关注的要闻Top 20,排名来自于19日10点彭博终端交易员的点击数据。 1) 人民币空头认为资本外流刚刚开始而已 高盛提醒当心人民币冲击 2) 中国央行今后将每个工作日均开展公开市场操作 以便加强对利率影响 3) G-20会议上海召开之际 中国的政策沟通成为各国眼中的大问题 4) 中资股纳入MSCI指数 贝莱德增持500% 5) 中国债市:国债涨;国君称利率下行是趋势 史上最长债牛料将延续 6) 中国1月个人外汇存款创记录 人民币贬值掀居民购汇潮 7) 大中华媒体要闻更新:社保增资入市;汇丰前海合资券商;众安保险IPO 8) 香港房地产业低迷 地产商承受直接降价压力 9) 中国央行观察更新:公开市场开启新纪元 利率市场化顶层设计再完善 10) 中国汇市:境内外人民币持稳 官媒文章称兑美元波动而对篮子稳定合理 11) 彭博经济学家:避免加重人民币压力 中国悄然放松货币政策 12) 看图论市:中资银行在亚洲扩张的努力尚未结出果实 13) 中国日报:麦当劳与肯德基是中国最早使用Apple Pay的商家之一 14) 美元 韩元延续涨势;韩国央行称对韩元贬值愈发警惕 15) 韩国央行官员:韩国对韩元贬值提高警惕 16) 交易员:随着日经指数跌幅扩大 宏观账户卖出欧元 日元 17) 人民币兑美元中间价调弱34个点 报6.5186元 18) 调查:即使负利率政策无效 也将持续到2018年 19) 交易员:中国央行将进行100亿元7天期逆回购操作 20) 彭博盘前简报更新:公开市场每日操作;外占续降;社保增资入市;周小川 责任编辑:张玉洁 SF107相关的主题文章:

Former Deputy Minister of human resources and social services to capacity to challenge the sustainab 3edyy

Former Vice Minister of human society: the capacity to challenge the sustainability of social endowment insurance Deputy Minister Hu Xiaoyi: the capacity to challenge the contradiction of endowment insurance sustainable welfare rigid growth and government financial growth is a major problem faced by pension insurance during the period of 13th Five-Year ". Hu Xiaoyi, former Vice Minister of Chinese society of social insurance and former Deputy Minister of human resources and Social Sciences, said that the new normal of economic development will push the social security fund from both ends of income and expenditure, which will bring challenges to the sustainable development of the pension system. Hu Xiaoyi made the above statement at the first summit of China pension finance 50 people forum held in February 27th, "pension policy, operation and investment". He believes that the aging of the population and economic development of the new normal is the two major challenges facing China’s social security in the next five years. The new normal two-way squeeze of endowment insurance Hu Xiaoyi said that under the new economic normal, on the one hand is the enterprise employee cost Yajian demands more intense, the scale of fiscal expenditure is limited, thus affecting the social insurance fund income and accumulation are unlikely to continue to maintain the trend of rapid growth in the past. The Ministry of human resources and Social Security Institute Jin Weigang said in this forum, 2015 economic growth has dropped to 6.9%, in the adjustment of economic structure and the deepening of industrial upgrading and to eliminate the impact of overcapacity, due to business difficulties or even bankruptcy and make the payment ability of enterprises and individuals down or interrupt payment, all the pension insurance payments have been seriously affected. On the other hand, adjusting structure and removing capacity will produce more demand for social security funds, which is a two-way squeeze, which poses a challenge to the sustainable development of the pension system, Hu Xiaoyi said. The central government has started the reform of coal and steel production capacity every year, and staff resettlement has become an important link to be handled in the reform. According to the State Council executive meeting arrangement, the enterprise really needs to terminate the labor relationship with the workers, should pay economic compensation according to law, repay the arrears of wages, pay back social insurance premiums, and do a good job of social security relationship transfer and continuity. At the same time, unemployment insurance should be issued according to the provisions of the unemployed, the employment difficulties of workers through the government to buy public welfare jobs and other re employment assistance, in line with the conditions for timely assistance into social assistance, so that their basic life is guaranteed. It is the consensus of the industry that the macroeconomic pressure on old age security is increasing. In the past five years, the growth rate of endowment insurance fund for employees is 17% per year, and it is impossible to achieve such a growth rate in the next five years. At the same time, as an important source of income for the pension fund, the financial subsidy is also facing the dilemma of difficult growth. In recent years, the growth rate of national revenue has dropped from 20% to a single figure. The aging population forced reform Hu Xiaoyi said, "13th Five-Year", another important challenge of endowment insurance is facing the trend of population aging intensifies, through the analysis of the internal structure of the endowment insurance system, you can see the raising of endowment insurance for employees than from 3.08:1 in 2011, down to the end of 2.87:1, and raise the urban and rural areas residents on more than

人社部原副部长:去产能挑战养老保险可持续性   人社部原副部长胡晓义:去产能挑战养老保险可持续性     福利刚性增长和政府财力增长减缓的矛盾是“十三五”期间养老保险所面临的一大难题。中国社会保险学会会长,人社部原副部长胡晓义表示,经济发展新常态将将从收支两端双向挤压社保基金,这必对养老保险制度的可持续发展带来挑战。   胡晓义是在2月27日举行的“养老金政策、运营与投资”中国养老金融50人论坛首届峰会上做出如上表示的。他认为,人口老龄化加剧和经济发展新常态是中国社会保障在下一个五年所面临的两大挑战。   新常态双向挤压养老保险   胡晓义说,在经济新常态下,一方面是企业压减员工成本的诉求更为强烈,财政支出的规模受限,由此影响到社会保险基金的收入和积累都不太可能再继续维持过去那种高速增长的态势。   人社部社会保障研究所所长金维刚在这个论坛也表示,2015年经济增速已经下降至6.9%,在经济结构调整力度不断加深和产业升级以及淘汰过剩产能的冲击下,因企业经营困难甚至破产倒闭而使得企业和个人的缴费能力下降或是中断缴费,都使得养老保险收支受到严重影响。   “另一方面,调结构、去产能,必将产生更多的社保基金的支出需求,这是一个双向的挤压,对养老保险制度的可持续发展带来了挑战”,胡晓义说。   中央去年年启动了煤炭钢铁去产能的改革,职工安置成为改革必须要处理好的重要环节。   按照国务院常务会议部署,企业确需与职工解除劳动关系的,应依法支付经济补偿,偿还拖欠的工资、补缴社会保险费,并做好社保关系转移接续等工作。同时,对失业人员按规定发放失业保险,对就业困难人员通过政府购买公益性岗位等给予再就业帮扶,对符合救助条件的及时纳入社会救助,让他们的基本生活有保障。   宏观经济形式对养老保障造成不断增长的压力已经是业内共识。过去五年职工养老保险基金增长的速度是年均17%,未来五年想要达到这样的增速已经不太可能。同时,作为养老保险基金重要收入来源的财政补助也面临着难以再大幅增长的困境――近年来,国家财政收入的增速从曾经的20%降低到了个位数。   人口老龄化倒逼改革   胡晓义说,“十三五”期间,养老保险面临的另一个重要挑战是人口老龄化趋势在加剧,通过分析养老保险制度内部的结构,可以看到职工养老保险的抚养比从2011年的3.08:1,下降到去年底的2.87:1,而城乡居民的抚养比更高达2.3:1。预计到本世纪30年代,我国将进入重度老龄化阶段,对经济社会发展的影响将是全面而深刻的。   “十二五”是国家社会保障投入的飞跃期。在持续加大政府公共投入的条件下,养老保险覆盖面不断扩大。养老保险制度的覆盖面在五年之内迅速扩大了将近5亿人。   到2015年底,全国参加基本养老保险制度的总人数达到了8.58亿人。这个数字比2010年底增加了4.98亿人,增长了1.4倍,其中职工养老保险参保人数增加38%,城乡居民的参保参数增长了3.9倍。   胡晓义认为,一个值得关注的现象是最近两年养老保险制度覆盖面的扩大,虽然也有缴费者增加的因素,但是主要是待遇领取者快速增长拉动的。   随着老龄化的加剧,领取待遇人数的大幅增长,基本养老保险制度对财政的依赖性日益增强。一些地方特别是中西部地区的部分省市城镇职工基本养老保险当期收不抵支,需要依靠财政补助资金或是动用基金积累来确保养老金按时足额发放,其中,财政补助资金每年3千亿左右,中央财政补助占到了90%以上。   据财政部2016年1月7日向全国人大预算工委的报告,在“十二五”期间,国际财政用于社会保障和就业的一般公共性支出(主要是社会保障支出)达到7.2万亿元,是“十一五”期间3.3万亿元的2.2倍。   金维刚说,在推进养老保险全覆盖的过程中,养老保险基金收支压力不断增大与参保人员对养老金待遇水平不断增长之间的矛盾越来越突出,已经成为目前养老保险制度体系建设所面临的突出问题。   胡晓义表示,十三五期间除了进一步扩大制度覆盖面,建立基本养老保险正常调整机制,推进全国统筹等改革措施之外,还必须在建设多层次养老保障体系方面更多发力。在养老保险三支柱体系中,要加强企业年金,职业年金这条短腿,加粗个人养老保障资产的这条细腿,这样才能改变过度依靠基本养老保险的不平衡格局。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

Part of the huge loss of the company intends to send high questioned spyair

Part of the huge loss of the company intends to send high questioned Sina Level2:A shares of sina finance: App speed Kanpan live on-line blogger to tutor: Yang Jia in February March, drawing is often focused on the disclosure of listed companies gaosongzhuan program window of time, but also the layout of the high point to send good investment theme. After the Spring Festival, the listed companies will usher in intensive annual disclosure, more gaosongzhuan "drama has been staged" wonderful year Gong, and A shares this year is expected to usher in the history of the most crazy gaosongzhuan boom. However, in the face of high transfer of Listed Companies in the trend of overheating, exchange rare dense letter, behind the high proportion of listed companies for questioning intention. Suggest that investors in the pursuit of high send turn subjects also need to maintain a rational, listed companies launched gaosongzhuan program, if there are subsequent hot market and company fundamentals are complex, will directly affect the performance of the share price after the high delivery. The Nanfang Daily reporter Guo Jiaxuan hot 150 company issued gaosongzhuan program with the listed companies have to disclose the annual bonus plan, Shanghai and Shenzhen also began to set off gaosongzhuan speculation boom. On Tuesday, along with the market, gaosongzhuan theme is again by the stir hot money, Jin Sheng precision, stick Jie shares, Baode shares gaosongzhuan theme of collective stock trading turns. Then, on Wednesday, the Shanghai Stock Index station 2850 points, high transfer concept plate again collective rose, rod shares and more than 10 stocks strong limit. 22, Mason technologies, pioneer shares continue trading, gaosongzhuan stocks strong performance. Among them, the pilot intelligence announced on Wednesday announced the 10 turn 20 faction 5.5 yuan (including tax) of the high transfer program, it will be concerned about hot money. After data showed that CIC securities Wuxi Qingyang Road Securities Business Department, Huatai Securities Shanghai Wuding Road Securities Sales Department and business department to buy active hot money gathered leading intelligence, buy the amount of more than 20 million yuan. In addition to the part of the capital, institutional investors also appeared in some buying stocks in the billboard data. Analysts believe that the market will be high dividend preference, mainly gaosongzhuan listed companies show that confidence in the future market growth and sales growth; moreover, China’s stock market, non institutional funds accounted for relatively high, after the ex dividend low stock prices tend to be more affected by the market preference. It is worth mentioning that, since this year, listed companies dividend intensity is very rare. Since the end of last year, A shares continue to appear "luxury" high transfer plan issued by listed companies. After the Spring Festival, the "surprise" is still coming. By the end of 22, there are more than 150 companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen two cities issued the 2015 annual report profit distribution plan or the proposal of major shareholders for profit distribution. Among them, Jin Sheng Precision to intends to push the 10 RPM 30 "topped". In addition, Shenzhou the Great Wall, Tianqi lithium industry, rod Jie shares, financial and credit development and other quantities are in the 25 shares (above). After that, China the Great Wall, Tian Qi Li industry, stick Jie shares, xiuqiang, red phase, tour family network nearly 20 stocks also launched a high transfer program, plans to send more than 10 shares transferred 20 shares. Homotopy

部分巨亏公司拟高送转遭质疑 新浪财经Level2:A股极速看盘 新浪财经App:直播上线 博主一对一指导   绘图:杨佳   2月、3月往往是上市公司集中披露高送转方案的时间窗口,同时也是布局高送转主题投资的较好时点。春节后,上市公司将迎来年报密集披露期,更为精彩的年度“高送转”大戏已鸣锣上演,而且今年A股有望迎来历史最为疯狂高送转热潮。   不过,面对就在上市公司过热的高送转趋势下,交易所也罕见地密集发函,追问上市公司高比例转增的背后意图。建议投资者在追捧高送转题材时也需保持理性,上市公司推出高送转方案后,是否还有后续市场热点以及公司基本面是否配合,都将直接影响到高送转后的股价表现。   ●南方日报记者 郭家轩   火爆   150家公司发布高送转方案   随着上市公司陆续披露年度分红预案,沪深两市也开始掀起高送转炒作热潮。上周二,伴随着市场回暖,高送转题材也再度受到游资爆炒,劲胜精密、棒杰股份、宝德股份等高送转题材股集体轮番涨停。紧接着,周三沪指站上2850点,高送转概念板块再度集体大涨,棒杰股份等逾10只概念股强势涨停。22日,万润科技、派思股份等涨停,延续高送转概念股强势表现。   其中,先导智能在上周三公布了拟10转20派5.5元(含税)的高送转方案后,便受到游资关注。盘后数据显示,中投证券无锡清扬路证券营业部、华泰证券上海武定路证券营业部等活跃游资聚集营业部携手买入先导智能,买入金额均超过2000万元。除了部分游资外,机构投资者也出现在了一些个股的买入龙虎榜数据中。   分析认为,高送转股之所以会受到市场偏爱,主要还是高送转表明了上市公司对未来市值增长和业绩成长的信心;而且,我国股票市场中,非机构资金占比较高,除权后的低股价往往更受市场偏爱。   值得一提的是,今年以来上市公司分红力度十分罕见。自去年年底开始,A股就不断出现上市公司发布的“豪华”高送转预案。猴年春节过后,“惊喜”仍在接踵而来。   截至22日收盘,沪深两市共有逾150家公司发布2015年年报利润分配预案或大股东对利润分配的提议。其中,劲胜精密以拟推10转30“拔得头筹”。另外神州长城、天齐锂业、棒杰股份、财信发展等转增数量都在25股(含)以上。   在其之后,神州长城、天齐锂业、棒杰股份、秀强股份、红相电力、游族网络等近20只个股也推出超高送转方案,计划送转比例超过10股送转20股。同时,先导智能、天翔环境、西泵股份、国恩股份等近20只个股的送转比例为10转20股。   值得注意的是,在大幅高送转的同时,多数上市公司同时还推出了强有力的派现。在目前已经披露派现预案的所有上市公司里,现金分红最为慷慨的是焦点科技。公司在2月5日公告称,拟向全体股东按每10股派发现金股利人民币10元(含税)。除焦点科技之外,还有近10家上市公司提出每股现金分红超过0.5元(含税)。   质疑   监管机构频频发函追问   不过,就在上市公司过热的高送转趋势下,交易所也罕见地密集发函,追问上市公司高比例转增的背后意图。目前劲胜精密、天齐锂业和棒杰股份等高送转预案颇为“慷慨”的上市公司,无一例外均收到了关注函。   以劲胜精密为例,其业绩巨亏仍推高利润分红的反常行为就引起了监管层关注。1月25日晚间,在距离劲胜精密正式发布“10转30”的“豪华”利润分配预案不到24小时的时间里,深交所在其网站披露了对劲胜精密的问询函。   该公司2015年预告业绩为“净利润将亏损”,而根据公司三季报显示,劲胜精密2015年前三季度实现净利润-2.05亿元,同比下降760.49%。随高送转方案一并发布的还有该公司股东未来九个月存在减持不超过5%公司股票的可能性。   针对深交所的问询,劲胜精密在1月27日的回复中表示,“10转30”的预案未超过截至2015年12月31日财务成果的可分配范围,且公司股东劲辉国际(预案提议人)出于偿债与投资需求,未来6个月内存在减持的可能性。   劲胜精密并非孤例。近年来,高送转出现“变味”迹象已逐步显现。业内人士指出,一些上市公司的高送转方案或沦为大股东减持的障眼法,甚至可能成为股权质押的“托底”。2015年1月,*\*ST海润曾发布“10转20”的高送转预案,但因其业绩走势与高送转比例明显不符,在当年4月份领到罚单。   当然,一些反常的高送转目的也并不全是为了减持套现,比如增大股本实现定增、并购也有先例。有业内人士指出,选择高送转方案,一方面是为了扩大股本,增强公司股票的流动性。另一方面,公积金转增基本上是不花钱的利好,当然也不排除一些公司为后续的资本运作做铺垫。   “上市公司推出高送转方案后,是否还有后续市场热点以及公司基本面是否配合,都将直接影响到高送转后的股价表现。”光大证券分析师高辉表示。无论如何,建议投资者在追捧高送转题材之时还是要保持理性。有专业投行人士也提醒投资者,高送转本应只是上市公司股东权益的内部结构调整,但目前正在沦为推高股价的一种手段,投资者应该警惕利用高送转“数字游戏”的炒作陷阱。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

13 year old Armani juvenile fire, how to play politics in foreign Sao year 8l9840

13 year old Armani juvenile fire, how to play politics in foreign Sao year? Attending the two sessions: aims to encourage young people to pay attention to social issues, 2015, 10 teenagers attended the two sessions of Zhuhai. "News geeks" query found that young delegates sit in the local "two sessions", which is not the first time in the country. Since 2014, there have been 3 young delegates attending the "two sessions" in Zhuhai, including several minor students. In 2014, when the "two sessions" were held in Zhuhai, there were 10 young delegates attending the "two sessions", in addition to two 22 year old college students, there were two 13 year old junior high school students and more than 17 year old middle school students. This year, there are 15 teenagers attending the "two sessions" in Zhuhai, and the youngest one is the second grade students. Youth representatives attend the local "two sessions", which is related to the activities carried out by the Communist Youth League, representatives of the people’s Congress and CPPCC members. Shenzhen municipal Party committee said a staff member, Liu Bo proposed "to increase innovation and off course", "don’t let the paper decide the future" proposal, not in "NPC and CPPCC", but in the "NPC and CPPCC" prior to the convening of the municipal Party committee held a "face to face" activities of the forum and other occasions proposed. "News geek" combed found that the Communist Youth League of many provinces and cities nationwide have carried out related activities. In 2011, the Communist Youth League Network of Zhejiang issued an article on deepening the opinions of the Communist Youth League and deputies to the people’s Congress and CPPCC members to face the face. The article mentioned that this activity is an effective way to guide the orderly political participation of young people. "Youth organizations should be organized to attend the National People’s Congress and the CPPCC conference, and the Youth League should select a certain proportion of youth representatives to attend the relevant meetings of the people’s Congress and the CPPCC, and the proportion of juvenile participation should be increased at the meeting involving youth affairs." The Shenzhen Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China also expressed the hope that this will become a way for young people to participate in political affairs, and guide them to pay attention to social problems. Through this platform, the voice of teenagers can be issued. This kind of activity which encourages young people to participate in politics is more common in foreign countries. For example, since 1994, New Zealand has held a "Youth Congress" every 3 to 4 years in order to cultivate young people’s understanding of politics. The activities for 16-18 year olds, including that they attend the legislative debate in Congress, attended the meeting of the Specialized Committee, put questions to the ministers, in order to understand the decision-making process of the Congress and the administration, on issues of concern to their opinion in congress. On July 19, 2016 and 20, the New Youth Congress of New Zealand will be held in Government Building. Every constituency or ranking member can choose a teenager, and it is expected that 121 young congressmen will appear in congress. According to Chinese Youth Daily report, more than 40 states have let students to simulate the operation of the government’s "youth government" (Youth In Government, referred to as YIG, sponsored by the youth social service organization), the purpose is to learn to exercise their democratic rights, exercise leadership, stimulate their sense of civic responsibility. Youth Congress activities in new zealand.

13岁阿玛尼少年火了,外国骚年如何玩政治? 列席两会:旨在鼓励青少年关注社会问题 2015年10名青少年列席珠海两会。   《新闻极客》查询发现,青少年代表列席地方“两会”,这在全国并不是首次。   珠海从2014年起,连续3年有青少年代表列席“两会”,包括多名未成年学生。   2014年珠海“两会”召开时,共有10名青少年代表列席“两会”,除两名22岁在校大学生外,还有两名13岁初中生和多名17岁中学生。   今年,珠海的“两会”共有15名青少年列席旁听,最小的一位是初二学生。   青少年代表列席地方“两会”,与共青团中央开展的“共青团与人大代表、政协委员面对面”活动有关。   深圳团市委一位工作人员表示,柳博提出了“增加创新创客课程”、“不要让考卷决定未来”的提议,不是在“两会”上,而是在“两会”召开前,团市委举行的“面对面”活动座谈会等场合提出的。   《新闻极客》梳理发现,全国多个省市的共青团均开展了相关活动。   浙江省共青团网2011年发布了一篇《关于深入开展“共青团与人大代表、政协委员面对面”活动的意见》的文章。   文章提到,该活动是引导青少年有序政治参与的有效方式。“要组织青少年旁听人大、政协会议,由共青团遴选一定比例的青少年代表旁听人大、政协相关会议,涉及青少年事务的会议应加大青少年旁听比例。”   深圳团市委也表示,希望这成为青少年参政议政的方式,“引导他们关注社会问题”,通过这个平台,能够发出青少年的声音。   这种鼓励青年人参政的活动,在国外也比较多见。   比如,新西兰自从1994年以来,每隔3至4年举行一次“青年国会”,目的是培养青少年对政治的了解。   该活动主要面向16-18岁的青少年,内容包括让他们旁听国会立法辩论,列席各专业委员会的会议,向部长们提出问题,从而了解国会和政府的决策过程,就他们所关心的问题在国会发表意见。   2016年7月19日、20日,新一届新西兰青年国会将在惠灵顿国会大厦召开。每一位选区议员或排名议员都可选择一名青少年,大家可望看到121名青年国会议员届时将出现在国会。   据中国青年报一篇报道,美国40多个州都有让中学生来模拟政府运作的“青年政府”(Youth In Government,简称YIG,由青年社会服务团体赞助),目的是学习行使民主权利,锻炼领导才干,激发他们的公民责任感。 新西兰青年国会活动。相关的主题文章:

19 city introduction of market regulation policy purchase credit limit as the core content of diying

19 city introduced property control policy   limited purchase credit as the core content – Hubei Channel – People’s daily, according to Xinhua news agency, Fuzhou, October, 7;     (reporter Dong Jianguo) "golden nine silver ten" occasion, many domestic succession introduced new regulation of the property market. From September 30th to October 6th, a total of 19 cities issued new property market regulation policies successively. Analysis of the industry, this is the beginning of a new round of tightening control, it is expected that this stock control tide will continue, "silver ten" turnover or will decline. Reporters combed found that during the national day, the introduction of the property market regulation and control policy content, although there are similarities and differences, but the core content is the purchase limit credit: – restriction. In the ten city in the current round of introduction of new regulation, basically involves the restart or expand the purchase, including Hefei, Nanjing restriction policy is very strict, local residence ban the purchase of third sets of new premises (the main transaction area); Suzhou to the administrative scope of the largest, under the jurisdiction of the Wujiang District, Kunshan City, Taicang city into the scope of the purchase. Limited loan. Carding many regulatory policies, common policies for the promotion of two suites down payment to 40% or 50%. Among them, Suzhou greater efforts, not only third sets of prohibited loans, two suites down payment (loan is not settled) also increased to 80%; Beijing further expanded the scope of two suites identified. Dai Yiyi, a professor of management at Xiamen University, believes that, to some extent, the madness of this market is inextricably linked to high leverage. Many land restriction, land policy and credit restriction policy are typical measures of deleveraging from both ends of supply and demand. Industry analysts believe that, from the focus of the introduction of policies, mainly in the second tier cities, and basic prices are higher cities. "Follow-up is expected to have more cities to upgrade the property market regulation policy."." Central Plains real estate chief analyst Zhang Dawei believes that this round of restriction policy, the field of household registration qualifications and credit eligibility began to tighten, which means that the regulation of housing prices from the previous line of comprehensive spread to second tier cities. However, some analysts believe that while some of the property market is hot, some cities are still facing the pressure of destocking. "People’s Daily" (08 October 2016 (02 Edition): Zhang Jun, commissioning editor Guan Xiyan) 19城出台楼市调控政策 限购限贷为核心内容–湖北频道–人民网   据新华社福州10月7日电  (记者董建国)“金九银十”之际,国内多地接连出台楼市调控新政。9月30日到10月6日夜间,共计19城先后发布新的楼市调控政策。业内人士分析,这是新一轮调控收紧的开始,预计这股调控浪潮或将继续,“银十”成交量或将下滑。   记者梳理发现,国庆期间各地出台的楼市调控政策内容虽有异同,但核心内容都是限购限贷:   ――限购。在本轮出台调控新政的十几座城市中,基本都涉及重启或扩大限购,其中合肥、南京限购政策比较严格,本地户籍禁购第三套新房(限主力成交区域);苏州涉及的行政范围最大,下辖的吴江区、昆山市、太仓市也纳入了限购范围。   ――限贷。梳理多地的调控政策,常见政策为提升二套房首付至四成或五成。其中,苏州力度较大,不但第三套禁贷,二套房首付(贷款未结清)也提升到了八成;北京则进一步扩大了二套房认定范围。   厦门大学管理学教授戴亦一认为,从某种程度上来说,这一轮市场的疯狂跟高杠杆效应密不可分。多地限购、土地政策以及限贷政策都是从供需两端去杠杆的典型措施。   业内分析认为,从各地集中出台的政策看,主要以二线城市为主,而且基本都是前期房价涨幅较高的城市。“预计后续还将有更多城市升级楼市调控政策。”中原地产首席分析师张大伟认为,这一轮限购政策,对外地户籍的购房资格和信贷资格开始收紧,意味着房价的调控从过去的一线全面蔓延到二线城市。不过,一些分析人士认为,在一些楼市火爆的同时,一些城市仍然面临去库存的压力。   《 人民日报 》( 2016年10月08日 02 版) (责编:张隽、关喜艳)相关的主题文章:

Shandong a kindergarten classes to school Yaohao sudden change sunny came home

Shandong a kindergarten classes to sudden change school Yaohao original title: since the Ji’nan District Education with high quality resources repeatedly in the vortex of public opinion in Ji’nan Daily hearing in mid August 2016, Greentown Lily Garden owners have been around for more than 100 children in kindergarten. Since the District Board of education requires a limited amount of kindergarten in the District, only 120 of the 162 children can enter the kindergarten. Since the incident, the parents have rights, Lily kindergarten, developers Greentown and Lixia District Education Bureau has not negotiate satisfactory to all solutions. Up to now, the vast majority of parents are still waiting for the results. Recently reporter combing public reports found that since May this year, Lixia education can be described as being "eventful summer", the school district change, children unable to attend primary school, campus location has been questioned, let the storm continuously, Lixia District Education Bureau repeatedly in the whirlpool of public opinion. The kindergarten sudden change "small class", the fate of children Yaohao August 31st, Greentown Lily Garden parents first collective rights, the reason is that the second days will start, Lily kindergarten has organized a temporary Yaohao decision, 162 school-age children who are "lucky", can occupy a space for one person in 120 places. The cause of all this is, Lixia District Education Bureau suddenly in the provisions of this, must implement classes, each class only 30 places, to the children for admission, to hand over all of the owners of some sports center, to be converted into a kindergarten, prior to this, there are more than 50 students in kindergarten Lily each class. In the face of public property, the owners refused to maintain Yaohao attitude, Lixia District Education Bureau of preschool education and the original petition responsible for deputy director Wang told reporters, said that in recent years the province in the implementation of classes, Lily kindergarten must strictly observe, for children can not be admitted by parents to solve. [process] parents rights long September 1st day of school, parents with children directly to Lily kindergarten, have been shut out, then in the District Education Bureau in front of waiting for an afternoon. Lily kindergarten does not appear, do not answer the phone, Lixia District Education Bureau promised 9 5 April to answer, but parents until it is "the leader suddenly was transferred, no one make a decision". It is understood that the previous reply to reporters wang deputy director has been leaving. "In September 8th, 10, Greentown Lily Garden owners has two times to the district sales offices and Greentown magnolia garden sales offices, developers hope to help the owners of rights, and Greentown reply given by the developers have no right to interfere in education policy, has been handed over to the District Education Bureau has no responsibility for the management of kindergarten lily. "On the morning of September 13th, the parents came to the Lixia District, this is the last time they were adults at present. At the press release on the same day, there was no result of the spot negotiations. "On the afternoon of September 20th, reporters visit Greentown Lily Garden owners, that the owners were also put a" dove". At that time promised to reply to us after the Mid Autumn Festival, or all receive, or expand classes, but so far has not answered us." Owner Wang Bao

山东一家幼儿园突改小班制 上学需摇号   原标题:济南历下区教育坐拥优质资源屡陷舆论漩涡   济南日报讯 2016年8月中旬以来,绿城百合花园100多位业主一直在为孩子上幼儿园一事奔波。由于历下区教育局要求小区内的幼儿园限定班额,造成162名孩子中只有120名可以入园。事件发生以来,家长们多次维权,百合幼儿园、开发商绿城置业以及历下区教育局至今没有协商出令各方都满意的解决办法。截至目前,绝大多数家长仍在等待结果。   记者梳理近期公开报道发现,今年5月份以来,历下教育可谓置身“多事之夏”,学区变更、孩子无法就读原学校、校区选址遭质疑,风波接连不断,让历下区教育局屡陷舆论漩涡之中。   幼儿园突改“小班制”,摇号定孩子去留   8月31日,绿城百合花园的家长们第一次进行集体维权,原因是第二天就要开学了,百合幼儿园却临时组织了一场摇号,决定162名适龄儿童中究竟谁是“幸运儿”,可以在120个名额中占有一席之地。而这一切的起因,是历下区教育局突然在今年规定,必须实行小班制,每班只有30个名额,要想孩子们都入园,就要交出全体业主共有的文体活动中心,将其改建为幼儿园,在此之前,百合幼儿园内每个班都有50余名学生。   面对业主们维护公共财产、拒绝摇号的态度,历下区教育局学前教育及信访方面原负责人王副局长答复记者,称近年来全省都在实行小班制,百合幼儿园必须严格遵守,对于无法入读的孩子,由家长自行解决。   [家长维权过程]   ▲9月1日开学当天,家长们带着孩子直接来到百合幼儿园,被拒之门外,随后又在历下区教育局门前苦等一下午。百合幼儿园园长不出面、不接电话,历下区教育局方面承诺9月5日给出答复,可家长们等到的却是“领导突然被调走,没人作决定”。据了解,此前给记者答复的王副局长已离职。   ▲9月8日、10日,绿城百合花园业主先后两次前往该小区售楼处以及绿城玉兰花园售楼处,希望开发商出面协助业主维权,而绿城置业给出的答复是开发商无权干涉教育政策,对已经交接给历下区教育局的百合幼儿园不再有管理责任。   ▲9月13日上午,家长们来到历下区委,这是目前他们进行的最后一次维权。截至当天记者发稿时,现场谈判没有结果。   ▲9月20日下午,记者回访绿城百合花园业主,得知业主们又被放了“鸽子”。“当时答应中秋节后给我们答复,要么全部接收,要么就是扩班,但是到现在也没有答复我们。”业主王先生告诉记者,历下区教育局称已将方案提交给历下区委,由对方最后定夺。   ▲9月21日晚上,历下区教育局工作人员与派出所民警来到绿城百合花园,就此事与业主进行谈判,但仍表示要占用小区的文体中心。   随后,记者致电山东省教育厅,以家长身份咨询“小班制”相关政策,得到的答复是并没有硬性规定。   “省里定的基本办园条件标准是小班25人,中班、大班30人,这个标准2017年作废,现在正在对标准进行修订。这个规定是为了保证教育质量,但是实际招生数量,还是由幼儿园根据实际情况来决定。”工作人员告诉记者,幼儿园并不像义务教育阶段可以划分学区,怎样招生是根据幼儿园实际容纳量决定的,省厅给出的是指导意见,具体解决方法还要历下区教育局决定。   记者提出能否让孩子先入学、后分流,避免孩子在家干等,该工作人员表示没有相关的应对政策,但将与历下区教育局沟通,尽快解决此事。   小学报名前夜调整学区,令家长措手不及   记者检索公开媒体报道发现,历下区范围内在招生入学方面突然变动引发的风波,今年已发生不止一例。   今年7月12日到13日是历下区2016年户籍适龄儿童入学提交材料审核的日子,可就在前一天下午6时左右,历下区教育局发布今年历下小学秋季招生学区范围公示,其中不少学校的学区范围较之前发生变化,让本打算次日去提交材料的家长们措手不及。   根据“历下区2016年秋季招生学区范围”的公示,历下区新增4所小学,包括俊德实验学校(小学部)、弘毅小学、龙德学校(小学部)以及山大路实验小学(暂名),同时不少学校的学区范围较2015年有所调整。   根据山东省教育厅2014年5月印发的《关于进一步做好普通中小学招生工作的指导意见》(鲁教基发〔2014〕2号),“各地学区划分方案要及时向社会公布。学区划定后要保持相对稳定,确需调整时要由县级教育行政部门邀请相关单位和家长代表参与,进行审慎论证。”   接受采访时,不少家长表示在提交入学审核材料的前一天公布学区,根本就没有时间应对突如其来的变化,另一方面,由于个别学校学区范围变更,让花费巨额资金购买的学区房也失去意义。   在此次学区变动引发的风波中,历下实验小学学区的变动最受关注。   7月14日上午,一条“历下实验小学门前学生家长被保安殴打”的消息在微信传开,引发济南市民热议与关注。事情的起因是,历下区教育局重新划分小学学区后,山大路85号利农小区及花园庄东路16号数码港小区的孩子无法就读原学区内学校。根据冲突现场视频,数十名身着保安制服的人员及民警正在阻拦情绪激动的家长们,其中不乏拖拽、推搡等肢体冲突。   事发时,利农小区一位家长告诉记者,今年小区内共有8名适龄儿童上小学,2015年之前,该小区孩子一直就读于历下实验小学,至今已有50多年时间,因此7月11日学区划分公布时家长们并未留意,且已在网上完成了相关手续并通过审核。当天晚上,家长们却突然接到“不能就读”的电话通知,而7月12日、13日就是材料提交、面试的日子。   数码港小区业主也向记者爆料,2002年7月,该小区开发商(舜华园建设)与历下区教育局签订协议,由历下实验小学接收数码港住宅住户适龄子女入学,初中则入读甸柳一中,2003年后该小区学生就一直就读于历下实验小学。由于学区划分太过突然,家长们根本没有心理准备,所以其质疑教育部门违反协议规定。   在2016年济南市历下实验小学学区范围公示中,确实没有这两个小区的门牌号码。当时,数码港小区的孩子们被通知到山大路实验小学(暂名)就读,而利农小区在哪个学区仍不确定。此后,记者曾多次拨打历下区教育局公示的咨询电话,始终无人接听。   历下区教育局一名贾姓科长在接受媒体采访时公开表示,报名前一天才公示学区以及新学校定位的事希望业主能谅解,山大路实验小学(暂名)和历下实验小学享受同等教育资源,并且在管理、设备、学科等方面还会优于原学区划分的小学。   拆迁指挥部“变身”学校引家长不满   学区变动引发的余波尚未平息,另一起因招生引发的事件又起波澜,再次触动了家长们的神经。   8月中旬,有网友以“凭空冒出的济南‘燕翔小学东校区’”为题,在网上爆料称自己是外来务工人员随迁子女的家长,收到孩子被燕翔小学东校区录取的通知后,按照地址找过去,发现学校竟然是一处拆迁指挥部,“门口没有悬挂任何关于学校的牌子,没看到操场,没看到任何的教学设施,院子停满了车辆。经过询问门口的保安得知,这里就是小学,并强调只有3楼是小学。”   根据爆料者提供的现场图片,教学楼的地面、墙体上有明显裂纹,部分护栏有缺失及损坏的情况,教室里没有任何教学设施,不少家长对此质疑道:“为什么把我们的孩子安排在这样一所学校,孩子们在这样仓促启用的教室里学习,安全有保障吗?”   按照当事人的说法,此事共涉及历下区200多名外来务工人员子女,“以前从没听说过这所学校,不少学生的居住地与学校距离很远,家长们需要耗费大量的时间与精力接送孩子,而且周边很多工地,在这种环境里怎么能好好读书?”   针对此事,历下区教育局于8月22日答复媒体时表示,燕翔小学东校区原本是一所成人中专,后由拆迁指挥部借用,指挥部很快就会撤离。工作人员将重新粉刷楼体、安装空调、加高护栏、铺木地板、排查安全隐患等,同时准备了270套新桌凳及多媒体设备。东校区的师资由燕翔小学统一管理。   历下区教育局同时表示,区委、区政府和区教育局充分考虑外来务工人员家庭实际困难,在全区教育资源已经饱和的情况下,将符合赋分条件的随迁人员子女全部接收,尽量减少新的留守儿童产生,集中安排历下区东部外来务工人员子女入读燕翔小学东校区。   记者检索最新的媒体报道了解到,燕翔小学东校区于9月1日正常开学,并进行了揭牌仪式,报道中称,燕翔小学东校区为历下区新增学校,“为使孩子们能在舒适安全的环境中学习生活,学校领导老师暑假一直加班加点,积极改善学校环境。”   来源:济南日报相关的主题文章:

The level cap 80 Yaodao girl Ibunroku in November a new version of the open

The level cap 80 "Yaodao girl Ibunroku" in November a new version of the open [Abstract] "Yaodao girl Ibunroku" new version of game player will the level cap raised to 80, also launched a new 80 "elf" suit! The Luo Tianyi linkage, NetEase can tune the girl’s masterpiece "the two dimension Mobile Games Yaodao girl Ibunroku" version and a major update. November 3rd "Yaodao girl Ibunroku" is about to open a new version, the new version of banshee, in addition to the new new plot, the level cap to 80, more and more black game scene peerless weapon strikes, a look! The girl can tune the two dimension Mobile Games for love, music wire appeared pain banshee! The new version of Weiss will continue to embark on the journey of the sixth crusade against the banshee, pain, love music Banshee Banshee wire line. Love music, known as the silk dream observer, can reflect the dreams from the subconscious mind to find each other’s weakness, and the spirit of the attack. Enjoy each other’s dreams, enjoy the process for her is the most worthy of taste. The girl Weiss is able to face their weakest corner, out of the Banshee dream, have to rely on it to help the game player. Love and pain the Banshee music wire enhance the level of Grade 80 in 70 more stops too long want to upgrade? The new version meets you in November! "Yaodao girl Ibunroku" the new version will game player level cap raised to 80, also launched a new 80 "Wizard" suits, elegant and charming fairy series equipment, is absolutely the weapon against evil banshee, clearance pain map can have a chance to drop the Banshee new wizard series equipment. You brave game player, come open new challenges, put on new equipment, to continuously improve the combat capability! A new map of pain to girls can tune the two dimension "Mobile Games Yaodao girl Ibunroku" 80 new version of the now available on-line, new love, music wire appeared Banshee anguish, Weiss is able to escape the deadly teenage dream, the New Adventures of urgent. Quick to put on a new set of elves together. 80 new elf suit [about "Yaodao girl Ibunroku" NetEase] game in 2016 to tune the girl’s two dimensional masterpiece "Yaodao girl Ibunroku", in the ten Millennium Banshee ruling dark world as the background, around Yaodao girl Weiss revenge blackening and save the world tour game story. The game uses Japanese Gothic style, exquisite original painting full of mass, Lily set, popular seiyuu is committed to providing vocals, game player to bring a visual feast of the fingertips! "Yaodao girl Ibunroku" belongs to the fast paced version of the cross through Mobile Games burnt plot type, violence, action / whole blood, every battle will burn "small universe": DELL Heim cyclotron in the battlefield, girls released action / blood! The justice, this evil, will be cut off by ginobili! "Yaodao girl Ibunroku" login "Yaodao station: advance girl Ibunroku" official: WeChat ydsnywl相关的主题文章:

Uber in the United States has lost 1 billion dollars a year in China – Sohu Technology pretty rhythm

In the United States has been profitable Uber, in China, but a loss of $1 billion – Sohu science and technology, now in Beijing, the use of people at the beginning of the price of only 8 dollars, if you choose to carpool with others, the price can also become lower. When we enjoy this kind of low price, Uber is constantly giving subsidies to the market. Uber CEO Travis Kalanick recently said in an interview with Canadian media Betakit: "the loss of excellence in China is more than 1 billion dollars a year.". Travis Kalanick said, "you have a ferocious competitor in China, and we have no profit in all of the cities where they exist.". The competitor buys the market share by smashing the money, and I hope the world is not like this. After all, I prefer the component rather than the fundraising. But now the situation is that if I don’t get more money, then the best will be squeezed out by the competitors who spend money on the market. Paris, France, December 10, 2013. LeWeb Day 1. Image by Dan Taylor Heisenberg Media, it is obvious that the ferocious competition in Travis Kalanick mouth is finger drop. CEO Cheng Wei drops travel at a media event at the beginning of this year and even "have succeeded in carrying out an assignment" to describe the competition advantages and step. When Cheng Wei said: the history of China Internet Corporation have not lost, drops would have succeeded in carrying out an assignment. In 2016, the plan was expanded to 100 Chinese cities by the end of the year, compared with 400 cities in china. It is not difficult to see that with the pace of expansion in more and more cities, the competition between the two sides in 2016 should be more intense. In addition to disclosing losses in China, another big message from Travis Kalanick in this interview is that Uber has begun to make profits in the US market. This may allow Uber to have more resources to deal with the fierce competition in the Chinese market. Pictures come from: HUBSPOT

在美国已盈利的优步(Uber),在中国一年却要亏损数 10 亿美元-搜狐科技   现在,在北京使用人民优步起步价只需要 8 块钱,如果选择和别人一起拼车出行的话,这个价格还可以变得更低。当我们在享受这样的低价时,背后是 Uber 在不断给这个市场补贴。优步(Uber)CEO Travis Kalanick 最近在接受加拿大媒体 Betakit 采访时就表示:优步在中国一年的亏损额超过 10 亿美元。   Travis Kalanick 说:优步在中国面临着一个凶猛的竞争对手,在所有它们存在的城市我们都没有盈利。这个竞争对手通过砸钱的方式买进市场份额,我真希望世界不是这个样子的,毕竟我更喜欢构件一个东西而不是去筹款。可是现在的情况是,如果我不去筹来更多的钱,那么优步就会被这些花钱买市场的竞争对手挤压出去。      Paris, France, December 10, 2013. LeWeb Day 1. Image by Dan Taylor Heisenberg Media   很明显,Travis Kalanick 口中这个凶猛的竞争对手指的就是滴滴出行。滴滴出行的 CEO 程维在今年初的一次媒体活动上甚至用“不辱使命”来形容和优步之间的竞争。当时程维表示:中国互联网公司历史上没有输过,滴滴也会不辱使命。   在 2016 年,优步计划在年底前扩张到 100 中国个城市,而作为对比滴滴出行的业务范围已经覆盖了 400 个中国城市。不难看出,随着优步在越来越多的城市扩张,双方在 2016 年的竞争应该会更加激烈。   除了披露在中国的亏损情况,Travis Kalanick 在这次采访中公布的另外一个大消息就是:Uber 在美国市场已经开始盈利了。这或许能让 Uber 有更多的资源应对中国市场的激烈竞争。   图片来自:HUBSPOT相关的主题文章: