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All kinds of baby poo graphic – Sohu’s height and weight are the main maternal baby feeding results, because this is the judgment of the two basic elements of growth and development of children. But there is an indicator also need to be vigilant about, it’s that shit. What character, number, color and so on, but also to determine whether or not on the basis of a healthy baby. So, what kind of baby pull poo is normal? Pull what kind of poop is not normal? Today with the mothers identified one by one. General normal baby poo: exclusive breastfeeding baby poo yellow or golden yellow, uniform viscosity such as paste, may occasionally lean or greenish, sour but not smelly; milk fed baby stool are solid, pale yellow or pale yellow, occasionally accompanied by the smell. In addition to the normal poo poo other traits is not unusual. Why do you say that? Because of the existence of individual differences in children, the living environment is also different, there will be abnormal defecation. For example, the black shit, is not feeling abnormal? In fact, this is the fetal. 1 meconium: the baby is born the first one or two days of discharge faeces is meconium, usually black (black or dark green color similar to clay like), third days after birth, gradually become the transformation, sticky between green and yellow will. If the baby is not just a black stool, it is considered a bowel problem, the need to consult a doctor 2 green: 1, because human bile is green, because of excessive intestinal peristalsis, bile before turning yellow came out, so it is green stool. Lead to intestinal peristalsis too fast for many reasons, such as cold, excessive intake of lactose. Special reminder, when the baby is in a state of hunger will be too fast intestinal peristalsis, there will be sparse and less green stool. The iron absorption is not complete, when fat is discharged in vitro, exposed to the air after the oxidation of the green, in formula fed babies. 3 foam: poo with foam is a product of glucose metabolism is not complete. If pure breastfeeding, common in the former milk to eat more, after the milk to eat less; may also eat more sweet mother. If the feeding of milk powder, milk powder is considered too much sugar. 4: the valve is actually not digest fat. As a result of some reasons leading to indigestion, or eat too much lead to excess nutrients, digestion can not be discharged out of the. 5 oil: baby stool shiny, oily, occasionally fart with yellow oil. Excessive intake of fat is mainly due to indigestion. Common in pure breastfeeding, and mother’s diet is too greasy. 6 with black strips: poo accompanied by black stripe, like a small insect, doctors say it may have a certain relationship with the baby’s diet, the specific reasons unknown. 7: smelly poo some baby poop particularly smelly, is actually excessive protein intake, digestion can not lead to. In addition to the fetus, the above situation is often associated with indigestion. Indigestion is not sick, the main reason is that the development of the digestive system of the baby is not yet complete, it is easy to be caused by improper diet and other factors相关的主题文章: