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UnCategorized No one argues that education is the key to a great many things in life; a better career, more prominent position, and increased salary among them. But education also opens up a great many personal doors; delivering a sense of self-satisfaction and ac.plishment that .es with working hard for something you really want. In no situation does this hold truer than in the case of a non-traditional student; an adult already immersed in the work world, holding down a job, and sometimes raising a family who finds themselves in a place where a higher degree could make a significant difference in their life. As is often the case, students in this situation often turn to distance learning courses in order to learn a new skill set or update the skills they already have. Distance learning courses have always been available to a certain degree; but with the increasing popularity of the Internet, distance learning has be.e something easily available to everyone. No longer is it necessary to travel and physically sit in a classroom in order to get a degree; today’s .puters have made it possible to "attend" class from the .fort of your home and .plete your studies during times that are convenient for you. Because the Internet has offered distance learning courses to the masses, the genre has grown exponentially, offering undergraduate and graduate college degrees in everything from business and management to psychology and social work. And for the non-traditional student this can mean a chance at the career they always wanted or the opportunity to stay current in an ever-changing business marketplace. There are a variety of online schools that offer a full curriculum of distance learning courses. This remote learning environment often works much the same way as a traditional college classroom setting in that students pay tuition per semester and sign up for the courses that they are interested in studying. Upon the start of the semester, the professor will normally be in touch – via email – with his online students at which time he will give the class their syllabus which outlines the course particulars for the semester. At this time, the professor will advise his students if any books need to be purchased. Online students can either purchase their books at a nearby college bookstore or order them online through any number of avenues. Classes will either be offered through online tutorial, professor instructed book work, and in some cases, video lessons. The convenience of distance learning courses is that non-traditional students can .plete their coursework during times of the day that are suitable for them; this can be especially helpful for students who are putting in a full time work schedule and juggling family responsibilities. The professor will often simply outline the lessons that should be read/viewed from week to week and when assignments are due – at which time students either post their finished work to an online site or email it straight to the professor. The time it takes to .plete distance learning courses – and .plete your degree – often does not differ from that of traditional college courses. But the convenience of .pleting work from home allows you to work at your own pace and attend to the other priorities in your life. For those who are looking to meet their educational goals within the confines of their particular situation, distance learning courses could be enormously successful. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: