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Beijing: drunk Lianzhuang multi car to grab the car after fleeing to dead and another injured – Sohu news Han pleaded guilty in court. JINGWAH Times reporter Wang Xiaofei drive not to drink, drink not to drive, which is the driver of the bottom line. However, as the car driver signing drops Han forgot this line. After drinking Han driving car accident, not only that, but also to intercept the passing of vehicles, grab the car after the chain accident, and hit the road into a dead one injured, 8 cars damaged. Yesterday, on suspicion of affray crime and the crime of endangering public safety, Han in the city court trial. On the court, Mr. Han said the incident when he pleaded guilty and drink "fragment of children". JINGWAH Times reporter Wang Xiaofei > > the car snatching manufacturing serial accident killed passers-by aged less than 30 years of Han, the drive is in the army when the army after he came to Beijing to obtain a driver’s license, engaged in consulting work visa. As claiming to have more than 10 years old driver, Mr. Han in the work, also registered the car drops, become a sign of the driver. July 18, 2015 morning, Han after receiving the car, and several drivers together to eat and drink together. To drink half a catty of two cattle, Han still insisted on driving home. According to the prosecution allegations, the incident that day 9, Korea driving a black Volkswagen Passat sedan traveling to Chaoyang District Road, retrograde collision with a taxi. When the taxi driver is taking pictures of evidence, Han for its abuse, threats, chasing. According to the live video display, Han collided with a taxi, rushed to the middle of the road to intercept vehicles crossing. Zhang’s vehicle was stopped, took out a mobile phone at the Korea windshield, and Zhang shouted off threats. Subsequently, Han and stopped an electric bicycle, and kicked off the electric car shell. See someone in front of three passers-by will sajiufeng, surrounded by Han and press down on the ground. Soon, the traffic police arrived at the scene, and at this time, while taking advantage of the south to get off the phone, the car advocated a kick fell to the ground, and tried to stop his foot traffic police, robbed Zhang’s car left. Prosecutors alleged that Mr. Han to grab the car after leaving the scene, another accident caused three cars parked roadside after a collision, then hit passers-by white Wu, caused a death, Wu injured. Since then, Han and two cars collided after the car was damaged due to driving and parking. Han was rushed to the scene of the police arrested, after identification, Han blood alcohol content of 144.1 mg per ml, involving a total of more than 18 yuan of the loss of a total of more than 8 vehicles. > > trial said drink piece children "is willing to pay the loss yesterday, Mr. Han alleged guilty of affray, crime of endangering public safety, the trial in the third hospital. Reporters noted that a quiet Han was brought into the court, pale, in response to the judge and the prosecutor questioned, Mr. Han’s tone and a faint cry. For the prosecution of the accused, Han pleaded guilty and said, because the incident had a fragment children ", he could not remember any details of the incident. .相关的主题文章: