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The Beijing International Book Festival   5 days more than 600 colorful activities – Culture – original title: Beijing International Book Festival out of hand in Tianjin and Hebei Gyeonggi "love reading, love life" as the theme of the fourteenth session of the Beijing International Book Festival and the twenty-third Beijing International Book Fair opened yesterday morning at the Shunyi new international exhibition. Organizers, the next 5 days in the country – the main venue and the Xidan book building, Wangfujing bookstore at the venue will have a "famous auditorium", "The Belt and Road forum," China story "series of books and more than 600 global copyright promotion activities, to meet the diverse cultural needs of readers. The 16 countries of Eastern Europe on Expo "this book festival and the phase diagram of Tibet will implement the" The Belt and Road ‘strategy, the internationalization level increased significantly." Beijing City Press and publication bureau Party Secretary Li Chunliang said in his speech, a total of 2407 exhibitors from 86 countries and regions including overseas exhibitors this year, 1379 exhibitors, participating countries and the number of exhibitors indicators record. As one of the highlights of the fair of the most popular, on behalf of the 16 central and Eastern European countries as the host country member of the collective appearance, this is the Beijing International Book Fair for the first time in the United States guest. Hungary, Poland, Czech, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia 16 countries in Eastern Europe exhibition guest country status, provides a rare opportunity for the readers to understand the depth of near distance, "The Belt and Road" countries. As the country’s first approved a special foreign owned enterprises of mixed Chinese copyright, Beijing Joint Publishing Co. Ltd. and China Intercontinental Press, 18 outstanding publishing enterprise site signed a "Chinese story" series of books to go out a strategic cooperation agreement, the relevant responsible person said "tell a good story, good communication Chinese China sound is the glorious mission of each a publisher". Held in Beijing Tianjin Hebei integration Reading Festival at the Beijing International Book Festival continues the previous "main venue + venue" mode, the main venue of the Shunyi new international exhibition hall for the 3 East reading Museum, Jingdong, palm reading, foreign language teaching and Research Press and Beijing science and Technology Press, a different way of reading and exhibition experience for readers West; 3 Museum boutique sales hall, Beijing publishing group, Beijing bookstore on the characteristics of the real joint exhibitions commemorate the 95 anniversary of its founding, the 80 anniversary of the victory of the Long March, the main melody of fine books and all kinds of foreign language in the best-selling book, excellent publications. In Hebei Province, Chengde City, Beijing City, Fengtai District Xidan book building, Wangfujing bookstore, Zhongguancun book building, Asian Sports Village Book Building and between the lines, Fengyu library and other two bookstores have a special venue. It is worth mentioning that the Book Festival this year to try for the first time out of Beijing City, in cooperation with the Hebei provincial press and Publication Bureau, Chengde Municipal People’s government departments held a "reading scholarly Chengde – Beijing Tianjin Hebei integration Festival", to achieve the three news publishing industry cooperation and effective integration of universal reading activities. Three scholars as an ambassador for reading in the morning相关的主题文章: