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Music Belly’s debut album is "The Revolution" which came out on June 5th of this year. I first heard Belly when picking up tickets to attend a Snoop Dogg concert. The guy I bought the tickets from told me to be ready for a stacked show. He told me this Ottawa native with Palentsine ancestry was as real as they get and to be ready for a great show. As this guy told me, the show was absolutely awesome. I could not believe the power of Belly’s voice and how much emotion he drew into his music. I have since purchased the CD and am more than happy with it. This CD is a double album, with includes two disc’s titled "The People" & "The System". There are many hard hitting songs on both albums. A few of the track’s that stand out for me include: "I Swear" which features the legendary Scarface. This song is about being incarcerated for a crime that they are blamed for and includes much discrimination against them. The next track is titled "Goodbye" featuring a real treat of an artist Monique. It is one of my favourites as both Belly and Monique perform the song with empowering vocals. I recently found out Belly wrote all the top songs for the singer Masasri. Well they come together again to do acollaboration with the song "Ya Dunya" that you must hear. Belly and Kurrupt get together with "I’m the Man". A straight shot song and very effective. A definite good listen. On "B Variable", Belly dishes out a true thugged out track with hard hitting beats that make you move. "History of Violence" shows the true ability for Belly to reach deep into his emotional past. This is one of my top favourite’s. "Leave Me Alone" is a track where Belly rhymes about being betrayed by a friend who dies. Very good production on this track. Belly speaks about his love, passion and loyalty to a girl on the track "Kill For You". "Don’t Be Shy" feat. Nina Sky & "Pressure" feat. Ginuwine are singles which have being getting a decent amount of play on the radio. Belly took home "The Best Rap Video" for "Pressure" at the Much Music 2007 Video awards in June. If you have not heard these songs, check out Belly’s web site titled "BellyLive". You can hear a few of his songs and see the videos he has out. Living in Canada, I know it is difficult for a Canadian artist to be in the public know. I do want to say that this singer is more than a rapper and is being deemed the Godfather of Canada. I believe "Belly – The Revolution" is a very solid debut CD and a worth checking out. It has solid production behind it including many songs featuring other top performing artists. It’s hard for Canadian artist’s to sell a lot of records, I think Belly benefits some from collaborating with some well known artists, and getting solid production as it provides some diversity to this release. Belly’s "The Revolution" is a decent release worth checking out. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: