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UnCategorized Since the time when man learned to paint on cave walls, humans have used graphic depiction to .municate information, to express their personal opinions and to make sense of the world we live in. Take a look around your own environment and you will realise that this is truer today than it was in the time of the caveman from graphic presentations in offices to satirical cartoons in newspapers, among other examples. Deal With the Deluge of Information: In fact, experts assert that data – or information – visualisation has greater importance in modern times for many reasons. The most obvious reason is that the Information Highway, which is also known as the digital universe as well as the Internet, continually adds to the data and information that must be organised, classified and .municated to audiences the world over. Cavemen can be considered lucky because they only needed to deal with their immediate environment. In modern times, we have a deluge of information all vying for their fair share of our attention. Said information .es from many traditional and online sources including but certainly not limited to newspapers, magazines, newsletters, television and radio shows, movies, .mercial advertisements, and online sites. Add in the information .ing from our family and friends and we truly must develop better ways to cope with the deluge of information. Of course, you can always choose to tune out certain information or even hide under a rock, figuratively. This is neither advisable nor practical, however, so you must deal with information the best way possible. How? Through data visualisation, of course! In fact, if you want to survive and thrive in the .petitive business environment, this should be a cornerstone of your organisational activities from the planning to the monitoring phases. Gain Better Insight Into Problems: Of course, seeing the information in a visual way through graphical representation is vastly different from gaining a good understanding of how each aspect relates to the others. In short, you want to gain both knowledge and understanding of an idea, an issue, or a problem with the use of information visualisation. There are three ways in which this is made possible with information visualisation, namely: Efficient and effective transmission of data can be done quickly, too. In a world where the fastest on innovation often wins the game, the ability to absorb .plex information as fast as possible is a definite asset. Better insight into the basic nature and possible solutions for the problem at hand can also be achieved faster than the norm. To paraphrase a well-known quote attributed to Napoleon Bonaparte, good data visualisation on a single sheet of paper is way better than a lengthy speech detailing the problem in so many sheets of paper. Better unity can also be achieved with good information visualisation. Because the target audience is on the same page, so to speak, it is easier and faster to align their priorities or to incite the desired actions. Well, of course, these benefits of data visualisation can have an abstract nature in the minds of those who are new to the field. Once the benefits have been enjoyed, fortunately, there is no turning back from the many benefits that can be enjoyed with visualising data and information. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: