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Big guy addicted to online games from 6 years after the test again to return to his alma mater (Figure) provinces Vocational College toudangxian three batch Toudang line to know the university volunteer volunteer hall get rid of sorting three errors at the 23 essential terms of voluntary volunteer college entrance examination ranking positioning method of combat skills how to choose science University and professional university ranking university admission data reference selection a key recommendation of college admission points ranking professional test for what professional volunteer candidates with the three step to check the original title: big guy from indulging in online games 6 years later admitted to return to his alma mater 6 years ago, he was admitted to the University of Chinese 2 (hereinafter referred to as mine), but in the network game lost himself in the fourth year facing the dilemma is discouraging. The young man he once thought necessary diploma also can make a career, so the teacher refused to repeat, even into the community. Two years later, he worked for temporary workers, construction sites, sharpen hard so that he gradually mature, and his grandfather’s words, that he woke up, he was determined again — "". At the beginning of school, CUMT ushered in a special new, 24 year old mountain health cloud, is not only the largest force built school age students, the teacher was also called "the most inspirational new". The original, half a year ago to hit the books, cloud, setting, and rebuilt the original professional retake his alma mater, and eventually to higher the first 71 scores were accepted. This time, when he came to his alma mater, the teacher was evaluated as a person". Entering the University, he was lost in the network game, skipping in 2010, at the age of 18, cloud the first time out of Qinghai, when he was in China University of Mining and Technology (scores, professional settings) project management professional college admission force. Born in Qinghai, a rural town of Xining, the family economic conditions are not good, from small to large, he has been instilled only learning to change destiny. Until high school, mountain Sheng Yun has always been excellent in character and learning image of the show, when admitted to the ideal school, he felt his dream come true. The Mountain Cloud described after school students like clockwork years of study and life, "up all of a sudden release". Like many of his classmates, he began to enjoy such a relaxed time". From the beginning, he will no longer focus on learning, skipping, playing, to participate in various activities, students have felt Mountain Cloud free. At this point, he was hooked on online games, since then, he spent a lot of time in the dormitory, Internet cafes. Cloud mountain students often sit in front of the computer is a night, the second day, skipping the hiding in the dormitory sleep at night to soak in front of the computer, so the cycle. The pressure of schoolwork soon appeared, from the beginning, students began to "Red Mountain Cloud hanging". However, in the University, no one will always be urging him to learn from behind, a few years down, credit debt as snowball like accumulation. To the fourth year students, Mountain Cloud owed 36 cumulative credits, according to school regulations, he will be discouraging. Two years of hard work hard grandfather a sentence so he woke up before graduation, the school teacher gave students a chance to cloud mountain — leave"相关的主题文章: