Bijia reminder Standard Liege double battle League suffered 3 straight away

Bijia reminder: Standard Liege double battle League suffered 3 straight away [] than football single field prediction: Standard Liege VS Wilshire game time: 2016-11-28 Monday 01:00 Venue: analysis of Maurice Duff Larson: Hunt ball stadium Standard Liege: Standard Liege in Europa and CELTA game, defender Levis at fullback Faye assists scored equaliser, final opponent 1:1 and shake hands. Thus they with 6 points, goal difference in the second group, the next round will be the Standard Liege against Ajax in the home court, this will be a key to decide whether the game. Standard Liege in the last round of league than 1:2 against Mechelen, striker Orlando Sarkozy early goal was realized the opponent. The Standard Liege suffered a losing streak on the road. Standard Liege is currently 22 points to 6 wins, 4 draws and 5 negative results ranked in the standings than the ninth, let them fall away losing streak of 5 ranking teams of European games directly affect their league. Standard Liege in Bijia League home court record is good, since the start, they realized the home court 5 games zero closure record, 5 games to defeat the opponent. At the same time they are Pro League home court defensive end one of the best teams. So far the home court game only lost two league goals. The standards listed Japanese round will face than the overlord of Wilshire, the history of Standard Liege against Wiltshire occupy an absolute advantage, and Wilshire now is also Standard Liege just participated in the war in Europe, a certain physical affected, but with Standard Liege new season main field hard defensive performance, believe they can at least get a a draw. Wilshire: Wilshire on a home court Bijia league with a 3:2 victory over the powerful Andre Hurt, this game will County strike force together, striker Lee, defender Derek and winger Kerr Daro respectively with a ball, winger and fullback Hamalainen kahiya also send the assists. Finally got 3 points. The remarkable performance in the new season of the Tyne, now no one should suspect their strength, the recent draw with Bruges victory over Andre Hurt has explained everything. Wilshire is currently fully deserve than win the king, they won 15 games down plate number in 11 games, disc 1 games, lost only 3 games in the handicap. It’s a great thing. Wilshire is currently the best road record than a team, especially in the guest of the offensive, the ability of 14 league goals is invincible, thanks to the Leijer headed attack group continue to create scoring record. Wilshire guest only lost to Henk and Ghent, since the end of 10, they kept the two game winning streak, defeated St. West Lou Teng and tours, while Wei Defawu guest performance actively, he had two consecutive away goals. The Wilshire will challenge the old rival Standard Liege, this is a team for many years is difficult to beat, it%相关的主题文章: