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Lung-Mesothelioma-Asbestos There is something about watching a movie set in Italy or even watching a travel show about Italy, that makes you want to visit. If you have had the privilege of visiting Italy, you probably had a hard time wanting to leave. You may be wondering, What makes the Italian lifestyle so appealing and how can I bring it home? Here are some things that are associated with the Italian lifestyle. FRESH INGREDIENTS One of the appealing things about the Italian lifestyle, are the fresh ingredients that are used for cooking. Vegetables and herbs that are bought fresh with their flavor and aroma are sealed in until released for cooking. There is nothing like the smell of fresh oregano being chopped up and sprinkled in a simmering pot of Italian tomato sauce. Fresh ingredients and good health go hand in hand. PASSION It can be a love scene or a heated argument, but often Italians are portrayed as very passionate. This is an accurate portrayal. The passion for life is evident in all many areas of an Italians life. You can see it in the way Italian food is preparated, the way an Italian artists paint, the way the Italians work, and in how Italians lovealways fully present and focused and taking their time. Every aspect is enjoyed to its fullest. KEEPING IT NEW Italians tend to be curious and they want to learn more about the things they are curious about. Seeking answers and learning new things keep life fresh and interesting for Italians. Italians like Da Vinci, Columbus, Zamboni, and Marconi are known for following their curiosity, which led to their discoveries and inventions. FAMILY Social connections are important to Italians with the most important connections being family ties. You dont have to be related by blood to be considered part of an Italian family. Taking time off work to focus on traditional celebrations is .mon. The center of many family gatherings is good food and an abundance of it at a table open to everyone. STRENGTH Wars, natural disasters, invasions, political corruption, and other events dont weaken the Italians, but builds their resilience. They believe these things are part of the cycle of life and use it to build strength. It is because of these things Italians realize the reality of the fragileness of life and they live life to the fullest. SIMPLE WAYS In Italy there always seems like there is time to sit and enjoy a sunset with a glass of wine or to leisurely enjoy a meal with family and friends. Italians seem to be less focused on material things so they have time to slow down and enjoy the simple things in life. Incorporating the above in your life will allow you to bring the Italian lifestyle home. When you want to experience a little bit of Italy, you can also go to an Italian restaurant like Mama Jennies Italian Restaurant, Pizzeria, and Catering located in Miami, Florida and Davies, Florida. You can find local authentic Italian restaurants in your area, so that you can enjoy an important part of the Italian lifestyle-the Italian food. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: