Buddies Wu Yingjie generous recognition RBI cosmetic botulinum. ca1816

Buddies Wu Yingjie generous recognition: RBI cosmetic botulinum. Generous recognition of Sina entertainment buddies buddies cosmetic news according to Taiwan media reports, Wu Yingjie buddies [micro-blog] last month, the official debut in South Korea, with the song "Suger Rush" concert stage, was highly. South Korea’s success, she returned to Taiwan 7, held a press conference, in the middle of her number of tears, said, when the singer is not so easy, but finally in the next 11 years, to be able to meet with the singer’s identity. Reporters at the scene, ghosts did not change lively and outspoken personality, generous recognition of the face is delicate, because "regular Botox" micro whole. He participated in the South Korean variety show "we got married" fame, but with more fame, more people pay attention to her, for the debut face become more sophisticated, there are rumors that she suspected the integer, today also generous admitted: "I don’t really have what the whole, slightly RBI botulinum." She also said that the whole micro to defy gravity, but fear of too much will face tight, so this is her biggest limit, the chest will also carry out "micro whole", she joked "can pad". For the attack, said that "in fact ghosts who attack me too little, I also sincerely grateful", although not everyone used to use a magnifying glass to see her, but all the suggestions, will be placed in the bottom of my heart, work harder to make every step back.相关的主题文章: