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UnCategorized Building Kids Self Esteem is extremely vital these days. Kids are faced with so much more than we ever were. Severe peer pressure, bullying, drug and alcohol addictions just to name a few. Many of our kids have been brought up with cell phones, ipods and computers and have access to sales ads promoting expensive clothing, shoes, accessories, gaming devices etc.. Are we allowing society to raise children in a materialistic way giving them a false sense of security and happiness? The Internet, magazine ads, radio and television are overloading kids with media on the "how to’s" of changing themselves with what they feel is unacceptable in today’s society. For example, some young girls want to change the color of their hair, lose weight to wear a size 1 outfit, just to look like the models they want to emulate…while young boys want to build muscles to look like the "ultimate fighters" they watch on television and are portrayed in video games. Unfortunately, with both parents now having to work to make ends meet, our kids may be lacking the necessary means of building their self esteem through tangible items instead of learning the basic foundation from within. A new study shows that kids who feel good about themselves are less likely to be materialistic and more realistic than those who don’t. As parents, we have an obligation to build their self worth and confidence. We need to listen, really listen to what they are saying about themselves, while taking note of their actions. Taking the time now to ensure our kids develop positive self esteem and a positive self image, will carry them through their teenage years and adulthood, being successful and enjoying life the way it is intended. Starting at a very young age, kids interpret life’s experiences either with a sense of pride or shame. Their self worth whether positive or negative, will lay the basic foundation of how they view themselves and impact their lives and decisions in later life. Parents, grandparents and close caring adults all play a major role in building our kids self esteem. We must not only encourage and express positive feedback, but also nurture, provide love and apply a considerable amount of patience and understanding. Think about it. Our kids are our future. Building kids self esteem doesn’t happen over night. Providing a positive, "safety net" in the home, allowing our kids to express their feelings openly without negative ridicule, is the beginnings of positive interaction our kids can rely on to guarantee their success. We need to build our kids positive self esteem and confidence from the inside very early on. Material items should be something earned through completed chores, good grades and helping others. If we as role models succeed in teaching morals and values, our kids will be sure to succeed as well. We owe it to our kids. Learn the secrets to help them. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: