Changsha town Huang Xing processing homemade injection equipment and white big pig (video) vidown

Changsha town Huang Xing processing point injection equipment and self-made pig Taiyuan Title: why Huang Xing town here and white big pig…… You will understand after reading! Delicious pork, much public like friends, stewed pig, pig roast, it is various, recently, some members of the public to reflect the reporter said there is a special processing pig dens in high village Changsha County town of Huang Xing, here produced pig sell look good, but it is actually filled with water. But the production environment is not fit to be seen. The self-made water injection equipment daily to pig injection according to insiders to provide the address, special reporter came to the high Village town of Huang Xing, and found the pig processing dens. The reporter saw, a large number of pig stacked directly processed in the ground. At this time, workers with a black rubber tube, one end connected with the needle, the needle inserted in the pig workers on water. The injection device is composed of a water pump and a gas tank, pump the water into the gas tank, gas tank and then separated roots black rubber tube, used for pig injection. See the arrival of a stranger, the workers immediately stop the water, but also the needle inserted in the pig. The reporter noted, inject water’s bright color, looks good, the weight is better than no water’s a lot of weight. Pig pile of the ground covered with flies at the same time, the reporter also found that the pig processing dens of the environment is extremely dirty and messy, pig randomly piled up on the ground, covered with a lot of flies, and also exudes stench. Questioned the reporter’s face, pig processing dens staff is stunned. The company set up food processing dens last year have been investigated in accordance with the relevant provisions, fresh meat is water. Because the water is easy to deterioration of meat, once the cold preservation measures are not likely to become rotten meat. Then, the pig processing dens are made of business qualification? The processed pig, and was sent to where? Pig processing dens in a production workshop houses, not found hanging signs, there is no relevant documents. From the product packaging on the processing dens reporter, named "Hunan Tianyi Food Co. Ltd., the processing of the pig is also sold in the internet. Then, the company’s business scope is processing a pig? The environment so dirty pig production and processing, which can eat? In the face of the reporter’s question, the relevant responsible person said, will immediately rectification. The price of 38 yuan per catty pig can be sold nearly a ton of Daily reporter learned that Hunan Tianyi Food Co. Ltd. "business for the sale of food, does not have the qualification of food processing. That is to say, in the pig processing dens in the company is illegal. As early as last year, the company was investigated in Changsha County food safety department. But the current situation, the company does not seem to rectification. The pig after processing, will be packaged separately, with the price of 38 yuan per kilogram of foreign sales. Dens staff said, every day can be external sales of nearly one ton of pig. The reporter cundian survey found that the pig processing and specialized delivery vehicles. The license for Xiang A685TK van driving along the road, labor Road, a flowering season Changsha avenue to the city, culminating in the Yuhua District Community stopped second bridge相关的主题文章: