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Chinese bear children urine Ekaterina palace official response (Figure) original title: China bear children urinary Ekaterina palace, responded: the urine was not damage the floor of cultural relics, recently, a message on the Chinese visitors in the Ekaterina Palace on the floor for the children of the urine "in the online heat transfer. The morning of September 10th, Russia’s Catherine palace to homicide No. 37 (WeChat ID:zhonganzu37) confirmed that the incident, said the official cultural relics floor eighteenth Century Tsar period, it did not cause any damage to the floor. Chinese Consulate General in St Petersburg to remind each domestic tourists, in Winter Palace, Summer Palace, Ekaterina palace and other famous Russian cultural tourist attractions to visit, please regulate their own behavior, to show China tourists civilized image. Chinese tourists in the Ekaterina Palace on the floor for the child’s urine, the news caused concern. Network screenshot is the floor is not dry urine timely punishment tourists Ekaterina House International Liaison and cultural project department deputy director Olga · Friedman Nova (Olga Filimonova) said that in June this year, a Chinese tour to the palace of the "Knight restaurant", one of the women in order to solve the problem of children to the toilet, let the child directly piss on the floor of the restaurant. "June is the tourist season, the largest number of visitors a month, we need to receive 15000 tourists from around the world every day," she said. There is no doubt that after the incident, the entire palace staff are shocked." Olga ·, said the woman, the woman had been opposed by other groups, the palace managers had rushed to the scene to deal with, and the mother and child two people out of the uterus. She told the case number 37 (WeChat ID:zhonganzu37), Ekaterina palace was severely damaged in the Second World War by the German army, the floor is also rebuilt after the war, not in eighteenth Century, the cultural relics of the tsarist period. As a result of the cleaners in time to dry the ground, the matter did not cause damage to the restaurant floor, the palace side did not make any punishment to the mother and the two." Olga · flyman Nova said, they are welcome from all over the China groups and individuals to visit the Ekaterina house, is currently unable to make an overall evaluation of Chinese tourists. "However, the behavior of some tourists is not satisfactory, there are still many to be improved." Knight restaurant floor, the official said that after the Second World War re repair, not in eighteenth Century, the Tsar’s heritage. Photograph: Ekaterina palace official website of uncivilized behavior can be pulled into the "black list" squad number 37 (WeChat ID:zhonganzu37) noted that in May this year, the revision of the National Tourism Bureau formed a "National Tourism Administration on Tourism uncivilized behavior record management procedures" (hereinafter referred to as the "measures"), and has been the director of the state the office will be considered by the tourism bureau. This requirement is called the tourism industry blacklist". The measures stipulates that Chinese tourists in the course of the domestic and foreign tourism occurred due to violations of laws and regulations at home and abroad, public order and good customs, resulting in serious social adverse effects, into the uncivilized behavior of tourism network相关的主题文章: