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"Chinese Bridge" the change "Chinese Haitao frequent good captain." Du Haitao Sohu Sohu entertainment entertainment news Hunan TV in the fifteenth "Chinese Bridge" Chinese World University Games have been aired in the three period, theirperformance foreign group and Oprah anchor group rushed off to get the audience’s praise, praise, and Li Rui is the same Du Haitao, Mike, Sui three presenters, Li Rui master process grasp the rhythm, Du Haitao and Mike Sui two foreign head responsible for funny humor, "big three" like a triangle, stable and harmonious. The China anchor group the performance is even more remarkable about this year, the "Chinese Bridge" becomes both connotation and full of wit and humour of commentaries on crop stubble then, the waves can not be ignored. With delight he not only played a variety of lubricant, but also on many golden words pointing China anchor group, "China good captain" to describe the deserved. This is when the host and the waves when the anchor head of the delegation of double correct, sometimes serious and lively. In the face of red Maksui regiment challenge wire without fear, when China anchor group is at a disadvantage or lose a game, even if you are impatient also do not forget to warm the heart of comfort anchor mission to continue refueling. The fourth phase of the program he not only show "China good captain" side, either very lovely and upright or wise men turned out. The uncle after hearing it again upgrade, "the title did not understand, Haitao said to understand, see the words" for such a blunt head, they face only a capital "service". "Wang Haitao Chinese" link to remind you a lot of knowledge in life, "the answer" 5D "link Haitao blockbuster". "5D answer" Chinese anchor group across to the Ming Dynasty encountered a difficult to determine the problem, the waves at the crucial moment to remind the players answer wrong, but some suspect anchors and stick to your answers to the answer proved Haitao is correct, and the sea anchors are not sighed. However, the next question came to anchor their head to look for help to the waves, the head waves told them to learn their own operations, if the head is really hurt or funny than the side line moment! "The ultimate answer" before Haitao said humorously two lively but also how to become one game, then asked the anchor group members "show relaxed, warm heart good captain title again undoubtedly fell on his head. In the Sui Dynasty by Mike ridicule "small thick legs" when the waves still smile happily, and said the anchor group is white legs. "The victory is not arrogance, defeat is not hungry, AI" is used to comfort his anchor group, "soon felt burning up" when he won the game full of pride in the anchor group. The humorous sense of mission be nothing difficult, and often ridicule still responded with a smile, let go, let go when the pointing pointing the degree of relaxation, host and anchor regiment dual role switching freely, so that the waves you really don’t see? September 25th Sunday night 20:35 Hunan TV "Chinese Bridge" with you to witness the different side of the waves!相关的主题文章: