Chinese medicine, martial arts, diet, the most representative of Chinese culture

Chinese medicine, martial arts, diet, the most representative of Chinese culture – China national image of the global survey report 2015 recently released in beijing. The show launched by China waiwenju joint market international communication research center survey and brand consultancy on the national image of the fourth global survey, steadily enhance the overall image of Chinese, Chinese economic international influence ranked second in the world, science and technology innovation ability China acclaimed. The main findings are: Chinese overall image stability to enhance the international influence; China economy ranked second in the world; China science and technology innovation ability of the critically acclaimed, high iron is considered to be the most outstanding achievements in science and technology. The influence of international affairs, ranked second in the survey for the first time to cover the 19 members of G20 (European Union), access to a total of 9500 samples, covering topics of Chinese overall image and influence, political, diplomatic, economic, cultural and international image and communication technology. The report shows that compared to 2014, China’s overall image score increased by 0.3 points (total score of 10 points). Among them, the developing countries’ impression of China (6.9 points) is more positive than that of the developed countries (5.5 points). The United States ranks first in international affairs, China ranks second, followed by Russia, the United Kingdom and germany. It is worth noting that, compared to older groups, overseas young people (18~35 years old) to a higher degree of understanding of China, the overall impression is better, the future development of China’s view of the situation is more optimistic. School of Journalism and communication, Tsinghua University vice president Zhou Qingan believes that this shows the enthusiasm of our international communication efforts in the future social elites who are gaining more and more, also shows that in recent years Chinese international communication has achieved good results in the field of new media. Chinese national impression in overseas respondents positive impression, China has a long history, charming oriental country image of the most prominent, select the option of respondents ratio reached 43%, the proportion of developing countries is as high as 54%. Compared with overseas, Chinese respondents generally believe that their country has a long history, full of charm "and" advocating peaceful development and win-win cooperation "," national good governance, social harmony and stability "and" affinity, open, dynamic". Global respondents to the Chinese people’s impression is generally positive. Compared with developed countries, developing countries have a better impression of Chinese people. Overseas respondents, the Chinese people think that the most industrious and hard-working respondents, followed by collectivism, warm and friendly and honest and trustworthy. Developed countries have a certain number of respondents believe that Chinese people tend to traditional closed, lack of open innovation. Overseas respondents to China’s ruling party is mainly characterized by a high degree of cohesion, well-organized. Among them, the developing countries have a considerable number of respondents believe that China’s ruling party has a strong ability to organize and mobilize the ability to learn and innovate. Referring to the representative elements of Chinese culture, overseas respondents believe that Chinese medicine, martial arts and food the most representative, the selection ratio was 50%, 49% and 39%. At home and abroad相关的主题文章: