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It Chrysanthemum Tea, romantic crystal – Chrysanthemum Culture and tea culture tourism is a famous Sohu unseal chrysanthemum chrysanthemum flower city, also in the city, the growing chrysanthemums can be traced back to the earliest period of 1500 years ago in the northern and southern dynasties. The Northern Song Dynasty, the number of varieties, cultivation techniques, unseal chrysanthemum dominate, palace and folk chrysanthemum chrysanthemum, raising the wind became popular, the birth of China’s first monograph – "the chrysanthemum chrysanthemum art spectrum", records of 35 chrysanthemum cultivars, an unprecedented number of. Now, once a year the opening chrysanthemum flower has been successfully held more than and 30 sessions, every year from October to November a month, it was filled with the fragrance of chrysanthemum high streets and back lanes, every kind of chrysanthemum shape people greatly, color colorful chrysanthemum is a eye-opening, in this sense, it is worthy of a "jucheng". At the same time, Kaifeng is also a very rich tea culture of the city, as is known to all, China is the hometown of tea, tea is the first discovery and use of tea. The Northern Song Dynasty, Zhao Kuangyin in Tokyo Kaifeng capital, realize the unity, social stability, economic prosperity, rich people, gave birth to the tea culture, including the cultural prosperity. From emperor, literati, down to the common people, not drinking. Tea has become important and monopoly salt, wine tied, "tea horse trade" as a symbol, the tea rose to important strategic materials, on land and Sea Silk Road, tea can become commodities and silk, ceramic comparable, their income has become an important part of government revenue. So it is not only a long Jucheng, tea culture, between both of which have what relation? It is true that chrysanthemum tea, according to historical records, the Northern Song Dynasty has begun to drink chrysanthemum tea habits. Chrysanthemum bubble Longjing known as "chrysanthemum well", said the Pu Pu Pu Pu Pu, chrysanthemum and tea together, complement each other. Summer iced drink with sugar or honey Chrysanthemum Tea, is cool and reduce heat, moistening effect, very popular. It Chrysanthemum Tea, sales of bottled drinks are not in the store, but picking in the fresh chrysanthemum, dried or dried, after drying, and then happy cook, investigate its effect, according to the "compendium of Materia" read set: Gan Juzhi, but to sum up in a word, on the wind. Although the system is the product of the wind, and the taste of sweet cold, and Qiang, flax and other dry and different, so the liver and kidney medicine can be used in conjunction with the need to. While the "compendium" in said: chrysanthemum, Xiren claims that it can remove heat, tonifying liver yin, especially can not cover the proceeds, dirty water two, so replenishment system for fire, so flat wood flat proceeds, the wind, the fire down heat removal, treated with the wind the leader at depth. Chrysanthemum is the capital’s name card, it is the hometown of the chrysanthemum chrysanthemum, it can not only appreciate, can also taste, if only the eye to see a look and feel better, it is clearly not enough, also need to use the mouth and heart to taste, to feel, to understand, it is really enjoy it the chrysanthemum. It is all of the street is a chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum, common, is not common, rich variety, colorful, very beautiful. For example, such as colorful chrysanthemums, Chongqing is really the first 9 sails相关的主题文章: